Directory of Library Services or Facilities for Library Users with Disabilities


The UWM Libraries is committed to providing access to materials and services to all members of the UWM community.  In addition to the services available to all students, the following special library services are available to students with disabilities.

ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY ROOM – W110N Please use this form to reserve the room.

Kurzweil Reading Edge - Scans print material and reads it out loud.

Computer  - with access to the Libraries' online catalog and databases, the Internet, Word, Excel, Access, and Acrobat Reader: ZoomText, Jaws, Kurzweil 3000, Dragon Dictate

CCTV - Aladdin Ultra Pro 75 Telesensory document viewer

Large Screen Monitor - available to hook to your laptop for larger screen viewing of files.


All of the computers in the 1st floor, West Wing have accessibility software.

Dell PCs: The following software is available:

  • Jaws screen reading software
  • Zoomtext magnifying software (2-36x)
  • Microsoft suite of accessible software: Magnifier, Narrator (screen reading software) and an on screen keyboard are available.
  • Kurzweil 3000 screen reading software (ONLY with the computers with the desktop scanners) Under the Start Menu – Choose Accessibility.

Mac’s: The following software is available:

  • Voiceover screen reading software
  • Zoom magnification software.


The Media Library has over 4000 videos and DVDs available with closed-captioning; English subtitles for the hearing impaired (SDH) or English subtitles.  A listing of captioned videos is available at

Viewing equipment is also available in the Media Library for captioned videos and dvds.


The UWM Libraries have some large print books in the collection.  Consult the online catalog using the subject heading “large type books” to locate them. Large print books not included in the Libraries collection may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.


If you are unable to retrieve library materials you can request that the items be retrieved and held at the circulation desk.  The maximum hold time is ten days, after which the items will be reshelved.  Requests are made through the online catalog, Panthercat.

You can also inquire at the Circulation Desk to arrange for additional assistance.


Books can be renewed through the Library’s online catalog by clicking on the “personal record” link at the top of the screen and following the directions.


  • Automatic Doors to entrances and corridors are available on all floors.
  • Cutout Study Tables are available in the 1st Floor, East Wing ; Media Library, Lower Level, West Wing;
    and 2nd Floor, East Wing.
  • Automated Height Adjustable Tables (push button raising and lowering) are available in the South Commons by the windows facing Bolton Hall and in the North Commons by the windows facing the Library’s east wing.
  • On-Line Catalog Stations with lower height access are available on every Floor
  • Restrooms with automatic door access are located on the 1st Floor, East Wing and restrooms with automatic door access, wide stalls and  Braille signage are available in the Lower Level, West Wing; 2nd Floor, East and West Wings and 4th Floor.
  • Drinking Fountains are located on all floors.
  • Campus Telephones are located the Lower Level, West Wing; 1st Floor, East Wing (with hearing control); 2nd Floor, East and West Wings and 3rd Floor, West Wing.


Research assistance is provided by the UWM Libraries Research and Instructional Support Ask aLibrarian desk located on the first floor, west wing.  Research help is available by telephone, email, IM, Text, or live chat.  For more information consult the Ask a Librarian website at

If your research requires very specialized and/or lengthy consultation, you may wish to make an appointment with a reference librarian for a research consultation through the online form at or by calling the Ask a Librarian Desk at 414-229-4659 to set up an appointment.


Faculty, staff and students should contact the Instruction Coordinator, Kate Ganski at 414-229-6828 or email at at least 2-3 business days prior to the library instruction sessions for accommodations. 

E 159 has an Adaptive Technology workstation for scheduled library instruction. W190 (B) and W194 (A) instruction classrooms have the following software available:  Jaws screen reading software; Zoomtext magnifying software (2-36x); the Microsoft suite of accessible software: Magnifier, Narrator (screen reading software) and an on screen keyboard are available.


A list of scheduled lectures and workshops about how to use library and information resources is available at the 1st floor Welcome Desk as well as on the Libraries’ website at   Those requesting accommodations should contact the Library at 414-229-6202 at least 2-3 business days in advance and outline the accommodation request.  The Libraries will arrange with the Student Accessibility center to provide the requested accommodation.


Student Accessibility Center – UWM

American with Disabilities Act Document Center

ADA Advisory Committee at UWM       

Wisconsin Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

Sources for Online Books


Content is the compilation of information from various Library areas by Beth Traylor (

Students needing other specialized assistance should contact the UWM Student Accessibility Center (Mitchell 116) for appropriate assistance (V/TTY (414) 229-6287)

This information can be made available in alternative formats upon request to the UWM Libraries Administrative Office.

Updated September, 2009