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Records Management is the systematic and administrative control of records throughout their life cycle to ensure efficiency and economy in their creation, use, handling, control, maintenance, and disposition. Applying records management in your office can lead to more efficient file searches, provides you with legal protection for document discovery or litigation, frees up space otherwise being occupied by seldom-consulted records, and helps the university document its functions and history. ALL university employees are responsible for management and retention of their records according to approved schedules.

UWM Records Management can assist your office with active records maintenance, records surveys and inventories, creating records retention schedules, confidential destruction, archival transfer, and records retrieval of documents already in the archives. For more information, contact Brad Houston, University records officer, at or (414)-229-6979.

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UWM Records Management News

Publicity E-Records Cheat Sheet

The handout from Brad's presentation to the UWM Marketing Committee on Monday, November 4 is available here.

October 10 is Electronic Records Day!

Today (10/10) is Electronic Records Day, an event sponsored by the Council of State Archivists and the Society of American Archivists. Did you know that you are probably working with electronic records even as you read this? (This page itself is an electronic record!) Click here for 10 reasons electronic records need special attention, read more about e-records at UWM at the Electronic Records Management resource page, and for much, much more information, sign up for the MyDevelopment workshop on Electronic Records!

Management of Student Records Workshop September 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM

If you're a new faculty or staff member working on the front lines directly with students, or if you're an experienced employee looking for a refresher, this workshop is for you! We will discuss special issues with management of student records, including working with electronic records, e-mail, student records in the cloud, and security considerations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information or to sign up, visit the MyDevelopment site.

Questions about anything on this site? Email the Records Officer or call Records Management at (414)-229-6979.