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Guideline #3: Confidential Records Destruction

The University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee contracts with Kard Recycling and Shredding for the shredding of confidential records.  The company has supplied containers which are located in the following campus buildings:

Location Contact Phone
EMS Building Debora Daley 229-4743
Enderis Hall Margaret Robinson 229-5733
Engelmann Hall Stephen Tremblay 229-5327
Garland Hall Jim Kellner 229-5985
Golda Meir Library Archives/Records Management  229-6979
Mellencamp Hall Steve Henning 229-4906
Mitchell Hall Steve Henning 229-4906
Lubar Hall Cedric Humphrey 229-4620
University Police Dept. Stephen Tremblay 229-4743

For more information about the shredding service, please contact UWM Buildings and Grounds at 229-5096 or 229-5102.

If your building has a shredding bin and you have records to destroy, please contact your Custodial Supervisor to have those records taken to the bin. If your building does not have a shredding bin, please contact the Archives to arrange for your records to be picked up and taken to the nearest shredding bin on campus.

Please note that only records which have been scheduled for confidential destruction under the Public Records Law (Wisconsin Statutes 16.61) should be placed in these bins. Under state law, university offices have the legal authorization to destroy records only after the Public Records Board approves an RRDA for the records series. All records placed in the shredding bins must have an approved RRDA scheduling the records for confidential destruction.

Records scheduled for confidential destruction may contain the following types of confidential information: Social Security numbers; grades and other records documenting academic performance of students; personal financial or medical information; and information relating to personnel matters.

Questions about anything on this site? Email the Records Officer or call Records Management at (414)-229-6979.