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Guideline #5: Records of Student Organizations

Is the Archives interested in student organization records?

Students are the heart of the University.  Student organization records document the historical development of student life, activities, and interests on the UWM campus and the surrounding community.  Student organization records also document the purpose for an organization's existence, whether for student recreation, social, religious, political, cultural, or professional development.  Campus student organizations also reflect the views of local, national, and international students to society and the world around them.  These records and the perspectives they represent are valuable to researchers of today and tomorrow.

What types of university student organization records does the Archives collect?

The Archives is interested in acquiring materials documenting the history of campus student organizations and their activities.  Student organization records of historical value include:  constitutions and by-laws, brochures, student newspapers and newsletters, photographs, minutes, correspondence, and similar materials documenting student organization activities.

When should student organizations contact the Archives about their records?

Student organizations should contact the Archives whenever they have questions about the disposition of their records.  Inactive records, including records of defunct student organizations, may be candidates for transfer to the Archives.  The Archives will help student organizations determine what to do with their records.  If records are determined to be of historical value, the Archives will assist in preparing records for transfer to the Archives.


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