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This portal provides access to digitized versions of historical maps and photographs of China selected from the holdings of the American Geographical Society Library of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries.

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The American Geographical Society Library has one of North America's leading geographical research collections relating to the study of China. The photo collection alone has extensive coverage of China in various formats dating from the turn of the last century to the modern day. Currently, UWM Libraries Digital Collections provide access to over 4,000 images of China.

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Bert A. Krawczyk Collection

Bert Krawczyk CollectionThis digital collection presents over 500 images of China and India taken during World War II by Hubert Krawczyk, a young photographer and artist who was stationed in India, and then assigned to the Hunan (Yunnan) Province of China in 1942 through 1945. The images are particularly valuable because Krawczyk made annotations for his photography of Chinese cultural events and document the regional clothing and costumes of the Chinese people during the 1940s.

Harrison Forman Collection

Harrison Forman CollectionHarrison Forman (1904-1978), a native of Wisconsin, was an adventurous journalist, photographer, and explorer. Forman worked as a foreign correspondent in the Far East for the New York Times, London Times, and the National Broadcasting Company. He undertook several expeditions to China.

Mary Jo Read Collection

Mary Jo Read CollectionThis digital collection presents images of China that an American geographer, Mary Jo Read took during her trip to East Asia in 1935. The digital collection provides access to images scanned from original nitrate negatives as well as corresponding derivative images scanned from hand-colored glass lantern slides.

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