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Fighting Bob by Tom Cole

Date January 12, 1979 - February 18, 1979
Director John Dillon
Set Designer David Emmons
Costume Designer Susan Tsu
Lighting Designer Arden Fingerhut
Teacher James Pickering
Belle La Follette Rose Pickering
Robert M. La Follette Ronald Frazier
General George Bryant Ritch Brinkley
Gravedigger Michael Simpson
Doc Harper Daniel Mooney
Deacon John Z. Saxton Earle Edgerton
Philetus Sawyer Larry Shue
Teddy Roosevelt Henry Strozier
Woodrow Wilson Daniel Mooney
Pabst Ad Jacquie Milbauer
Mayor David Rose Kurt Knuth
Madison Capitol Elizabeth Spanuello
Students, Townspeople, Politicians and Buildings Ritch Brinkley, Earle Edgerton, Kurt Knuth, Jacquie Milbauer, Daniel Mooney, Larry Shue, Michael Simpson, Elizabeth Spanuello, Henry Strozier