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McCarthy by Jeff Goldsmith

January 14, 1990 - February 18, 1990
Director Frank Condon
Set Designer Michael Devine
Costume Designer Sam Fleming
Lighting Designer Doc Ballard


Army Secretary Stevens, Senator Hickenlooper, Salt Lake City Commentator, and Others Kenneth Albers
Colonel Coleman, Senator Lucas, Various Announcers, and Others Tom Blair
Senator Welker, Francis Carr, Reporter, and Others Mark Corkins
Senator Flanders, President of Senate, Counsel Ray Jenkins, and Others Richard Dix
Senator Benton, William Mandel, General Zwicker, and Others Ron Frazier
Senator Tydings, Counsel Joseph Welch, and Others Richard Halverson
Senator Green, Reporter, and Others Doug Hendel
Jean Kerr Carrie Hitchcock
Senator McMahon, Reporter, and Others Scott Howland
Senator Mundt, Republican Official, and Others Edgar Meyer
Reporter Mae Craig and Others Carine Montbertrand
Senator Jackson, Senator Hennings, Major Peress, and Others Daniel Mooney
Roy Cohn Ric Oquita
Senator Joseph McCarthy James Pickering
Dave Schine and Senator Hendrickson Greg Steres
Bobby Kennedy, Reporter, and Others Tim Van Metter
Senator Lodge, Reporter, and Others Robb Woulfe
Newsreel Voice Orson Bean
Reporters, Campaigners, Spectators Jonathan P. Ellinghaus, James Fletcher, Anthony C. Paul, Doug Stanley, Andrew Turner



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee Repertory Theater Photographic History Mark Avery Collection 1977-1994 Milwaukee Repertory Theater From the Archives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries