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Wenceslas Square by Larry Shue

Date October 19, 1984 - November 26, 1984
Director John Dillon
Set Designer Laura Maurer and Tim Thomas
Costume Designer Sam Fleming
Lighting Designer Victor En Yu Tan


Vince Daniel Mooney
Dooley Jeffrey Hutchinson
A Narrator / Actor Alan Brooks
  Ladislav, Katya's husband  
  Langer, a young actor  

workers, officials, beggars, etc.

An Actress Ellen Lauren
  Katya, Vince's interpreter  
  Illinova, executive secretary, the National Museum  
  Smocekova, a translator  



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee Repertory Theater Photographic History Mark Avery Collection 1977-1994 Milwaukee Repertory Theater From the Archives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries