ABI/Inform provides indexing and abstracts for articles from more than 2,800 leading business and management publications. Topics include accounting, finance, marketing, management, international business, real estate, and taxation. Full text articles are available from over 1,800 of the publications. Indexing is the most comprehensive from the mid-1970's, although some major business journals are covered full text for the entire publication run of that title as part of the ABI/Inform Archive. Contact information and other select biographical profiles are also available for approximately 40,000 authors in the database; click on the "Author Profile" icon from the "document details" section of the record. Full text of over 10,000 doctoral dissertations and master's theses in Business Administration / Economics / Business Education are included, most from 1999-2005. While ABI/Inform does not try to be comprehensive in covering dissertations and theses, many valuable resources are available. For citations to additional dissertations, search the full Proquest Dissertations and Theses


There are different methods for conducting searches in ABI/Inform:

Basic Search

  • The initial search screen is the Basic Search.
  • Type one or more words or a phrase describing the topic.
  • Combine keywords with the operators and, or, and not. Words entered without an operator will automatically be combined by and. Use quotation marks for phrases (e.g., "web site design"). Use the * (asterisk) to search for words with a common root (e.g., "business*" to find business, businesses, businessman, etc.).
  • Options for searching only scholarly, or peer-reviewed, articles or for limiting the search to a date range are available.
  • Special limitations can be selected from the options given, and specific types of material can be excluded.

Advanced Search

Publication Search


A list of those articles matching the specific search criteria will be displayed with the most recent article first.

- The items in the Results List can be limited to citations from scholarly publications, trade publications, newspapers, etc., by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the list.

- A set of records can be created for later printing, downloading, or emailing. Add articles to the "My Research" list by either clicking on the small box to the far left of each article title on the "Results List" or in the "Mark document" box near the top of the individual article's citation/abstract. After marking articles, click on "My Research." A list containing only the marked records will be displayed.

- To view the citation and abstract for an article, click on or on the title of the article.

- The full text of the article may be available in a variety of formats for some of the articles in the Results List. If is displayed, click on it to view the full text of that article. If is displayed, click on it to view the full text of that article as well as graphics such as photographs, illustrations, or charts that were originally published with the article. If available, click on to view a scanned image of the article in PDF format.

- A full citation will complete information, such as the name of the article, author, title of the journal, volume number, issue number (if any), date of the issue, page number, and length of the article.

- To locate articles not available full text, click in the entry. If the article can be located full text in any other electronic resource available to UWM affiliates, a link will appear. If not, follow the link to the online catalog to see if the UWM Libraries own the journal in print or microformat.

- After viewing an individual citation or article, return to the list of articles by clicking on "Back to Results."


After displaying an individual article's citation and abstract or full text (if available), it is possible to print, download, or email the record.

From an individual record, click on the print or email option of choice and follow the instructions given.

To print or email multiple citations, mark the entries of interest, go to the "My Research" link, then click on the appropriate link from the new options given.

To set up an Alert to receive notifications of new articles on a subject or from a specific journal, follow the guidelines as shown in the RIS Library guide, "Email Alert Services."

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