Using the MY LIST Feature in PantherCat

Use the "My List" feature in the UWM Libraries' catalog to save a list of up to 1,000 records for materials in any format: books, videotapes, CD-ROMs, journals, etc. No need to print or e-mail records while searching, just save them to your "Personal Record" and review them at any time. An alternative to using the My List feature is to set up a RefWorks account to help manage your citations. RefWorks is a web-based tool that helps manage citations, create bibliographies, and import references from databases. It can convert stored citations into formatted bibliographies. Formatting styles include APA, Chicago, and MLA. To store your citations, you are required to register with the site. Creating an account is free. Refworks can be accessed from the UWM Libraries homepage, under the Resources A-Z list.

Use "My LIST" to:

  • Compile a running bibliography, or a list of works of interest.
  • Save new titles as found while doing author, title, or keyword searches.
  • Save a list of works for further review.
  • Maintain a list of essential journal titles held in the UWM Libraries.

Your saved titles list is never emptied unless the items are deleted
or your student/faculty/staff status is changed!
Items stay in the list even after e-mailing or printing unless removed.

To save entries:
  1. Search PantherCat for any items.
  2. Select and mark the catalog records of interest, and click on the "Add to List" link.
  3. Enter your 11 digit UWM ID and last name, and then click "Login."
  4. The entries are now saved to "My List."
  5. Add new titles as found in additional searches (author, title, keyword, call number) by clicking on the "Add to List" link from within each entry.
Note: There is only one "My List" listing in which all entries are stored in a single combined list.

To review entries:

  1. In PantherCat, click on "Personal Record" at the top of the screen .
  2. Enter your 11 digit UWM ID and last name, and then click "Login."
  3. Click on "My List."
  4. The full list or individual items from the list of entries can be emailed or printed.
  5. All items or individual items may be deleted from the list.

To remove entries:

  1. Open "My List."
  2. Select/mark the entries to remove and click on "delete".
  3. To remove all items, check the box for "select all", then click on "delete."

To e-mail or print entries:

  1. Open "My List."
  2. Mark the titles to print or email.
  3. To print: click on "Print."
  4. To e-mail: click "E-mail" and then enter an address in the space provided.
Note: All items will remain in the "My List" list until/unless removed.

*Always click Logoff to exit your "Personal Record" when done!


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