Mental Measurements Yearbook

Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros), is a resource covering full-text reviews of English-language psychological, educational, and aptitude tests. The online version covers the 9th-15th Yearbooks. The UWM Libraries own the print Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros) volumes, located in the reference collection, (REF) Z 5814 .P8 R43. Additional reviews of tests may be found by using indexes for journal articles, predominately in the psychology and education fields. ERIC and PsycINFO [Psychological Abstracts] are two major indexes for those fields.

Use the online Tests in Print for a listing of tests currently in print, English language only. Search by subject terms for all tests, or within categories (e.g., achievement, vocational). The tests are NOT full text.

Use the basic Search or Advanced Search methods for standard searching in Mental Measurements Yearbook.

In the text entry box, type search terms separated by a Boolean operator (and, or, not, or near), then click "Search." For example, skills and reading and elementary will find items which include all terms. Terms may also be truncated to search multiple terms in one search, e.g., skill* will retrieve skill, skills, skilled, etc.

The Advanced Search may be used to construct a more complex search. It is possible to limit each of three search terms (single terms, phrases, or groupings of terms) to a particular field by typing the term(s), then selecting the field in which the term(s) should appear (e.g., all text, population, test name, purpose, or test category). Use Boolean operators when using a grouping of terms in a text entry box. The terms in each text entry box may then be combined by clicking next to a Boolean operator (and, or, or not). Click "Search." Additional rows can be added for additional terms or fields.

Search History:

To see previous searches, click on "Search HistoryAlerts" on the menu bar below the search boxes. Each query will appear as a line in the "Search" area at the bottom half of the screen. Combine, print, revise, or review the searches and their results.

Search Results:

At the top of the results display, the number of results for the query will be noted; entries will be displayed in a brief format. The brief format will include the test name, author, and volume of the Mental Measurements Yearbook. Move through the pages of search results by clicking on the appropriate arrows. To view the full-text of the review, cliick on the title or the full-text link. The complete entry will have test name, test author, other field information, and full-text of any available reviews. To return to the results list in brief display, click on "Results List."

If the results are too numerous, they can be restricted to assigned pre-assigned subjects as given on the left of the results list. Click on the subject of choice for a revised results lists.

Printing, Downloading, Emailing or Exporting Search Results:

To print, download, email, or export an individual entry, click on the appropriate link from the line above the full-text of that entry.         To process multiple records, mark those of interest by adding to the folder, then follow the same instructions. Follow the instructions given.


Help is available at any point during the search by clicking on Help in the menu bar on the upper right side of the screen.

Exiting the database:
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