The amount of information available about a company will vary considerably. If the company is large or a manufacturer, there is a better chance of finding information than for small companies or service companies. Publicly traded companies must file reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); basic data can be easily located. Private or closely held companies are not required to file such reports; it may be difficult to find information about these companies. Information may be scant about subsidiaries of larger companies, because the parent company must report only consolidated information. For additional guidance, see the RIS guide �Industry Information Sources." Newspaper articles may also be good sources, especially for local/private companies.

RESEARCH GUIDES provide descriptions of information sources and guidance in using them effectively.

Business information: how to find it, how to use it
(REF) HF 5356 .L36 1992
Business Ask a Librarian Desk reference
(REF) HF 5351 .F74x 1991
Business information sources
(REF) HF 5351 .D35x 1993
Business library and how to use it
(REF) HF 5356 .B87x 1996
Directory of business information resources
(REF) HF 54 .52 .U5 D567
Encyclopedia of business information sources
(REF) HF 5035 .E53 2003
Free business and industry information on the Web
HF 54 .56 .P43x 2000
International business information
(REF) HF 54 .5 .P33 1998
International business information on the web
(REF) HF 54 .56 .L364 2001
Skeptical business searcher: the information advisor's guide to evaluating Web data, sites, and sources
(REF) HF 54 .56 .B4685 2004
Strauss's handbook of business information: a guide for librarians, students, and researchers
(REF) HF 54 .5 .M67x 2004
World business resources.com: a directory of 8,000+ business resources on the Internet
(REF) HF 54 .56 .W37 2000

DIRECTORIES verify basic information and can provide clues about other areas to search. Directories vary by purpose, scope, organization, and content. For additional titles, consult the online catalog by "Keyword (and, or, not)" for a given subject or geographic area combined with �directories;� e.g., architecture and directories [or] law and directories.

Advertising red books: agencies
(REF) HF 5805 .S72
American manufacturers directory
HD 9723 .U27
Companies and their brands
T 223 .V4 A253 (1991)
Corporate resourceNet
Articles: Resources A-Z
D&B reference book of corporate managements
(REF) HD 2745 .D85
LexisNexis corporate affiliations
(REF) HG 4057 .A22
Hoover's company records
Articles: Resources A-Z
Hoover's guide to private companies
(REF) HG 4057 .A28616
Hoover's masterlist of major U.S. companies
(REF) HF 5035 .H66
LexisNexis Academic
Articles: Resources A-Z
Click on "Business"
Mergent Online
Articles: Resources A-Z
Articles: Resources A-Z
Standard & Poor's register of corporations, directors and executives
(REF) HG 4057 .A42
Thomas register of American manufacturers
(REF) T 12 .T6
Ward's private company profiles
(REF) HF 5035 .W37x v.2 (1995)
Who owns whom. North & South America
(REF) HG 4009 .W464

Bond's minority franchise guide
(REF) HD 2344 .5 .U6 B66x
Broadcasting & cable yearbook
(REF) HE 8700 .7 .C6 B76x
Consultants & consulting organizations directory
(REF) HD 69 .C6 C647
Credit union directory
CorpTech database of high-tech companies
CorpTech directory of technology companies
(REF) HG 4057 .A16
Directory of American firms operating in foreign countries
(REF) HG 4538 .A1 D5
Directory of United States exporters
(REF) HF 3011 .D63
Directory of United States importers
(REF) HF 3012 .D54
Fairchild's retail stores financial directory
(REF) HG 4961 .F3
Hoover's guide to computer companies
(compact) HD 9696 .C63 U51835x (1995)
Information, finance & services USA
(REF) HD 9981 .I53 (1991)
Infrastructure industries USA
(REF) HD 202 .5 .T72 (2001)
Manufacturing & distribution U.S.A.
(REF) HD 9721 .M364
Market share reporter
(REF) HF 5410 .M35
Shopping center directory
(REF) HF 5035 .D53 (2001)
Thomson bank directory
(REF) HG 2441 .R3
220 best franchises to buy
(REF) HF 5429 .235 .U5 J66 2000
U.S.A. oil industry directory
HD 9563 .U54 (2000)
World chamber of commerce directory
(REF) HF 295 .C6

PUBLIC COMPANIES file disclosure reports with the SEC; information is more readily located. Parent companies, not subsidiaries, file the reports. These select guides offer a variety of formats and detail.

LexisNexis Academic
Articles: Resources A-Z
Click on "Business"
Market guide
(REF) HG 4907 .U54x
Mergent bank and finance manual
(REF) HG 4961 .M65
Mergent Online
Articles: Resources A-Z
Mergent's handbook of common stocks
(REF) HG 4905 .M815
Standard & Poor's corporation records
(REF) HG 4501 .S7664
Standard & Poor's stock reports
(REF) HG 4905 .S442x
Value line investment survey
(REF) HG 4501 .V26
Value line investment survey (expanded)
(REF) HG 4501 .V262

Asian company handbook
(REF) HG 86 .A85x (1999)
Business guide to the Philippines
(REF) HG 5762 .B875 1998
D&B principal international businesses
(REF) HF 54 .U5 P74
Directory of foreign firms operating in the United States
(REF) HG 4057 .A155
Directory of foreign manufacturers in the United States
(REF) HD 9723 .A76 1990
Globe and Mail report on business, Canada company handbook
(REF) HG 4090 .A337 (1997)
Hoover's masterlist of major European companies
(REF) HG 4132 .Z5 H66
Hoover's masterlist of major Latin American companies
(REF) HG 4091 .5 .Z65 H66
International directory of company histories
(REF) HD 2741 .I63x 1988
Kelly's industrial directory {Great Britain}
(REF) HF 54 .G7 K4 (2001)
LexisNexis Academic
Articles: Resources A-Z
Click on "Business"
Manufacturing worldwide
(compact) HD 9720 .4 .M36 (1998)
Mergent international manual
(REF) HG 4538 .M66x
Who owns whom. Australia, Asia, Middle East & Africa
(REF) HG 4009 .W462
Who owns whom. Continental Europe
(REF) HG 4009 .W463
Who owns whom. United Kingdom & Ireland
(REF) HG 4009 .W465
World market share reporter
(REF) HF 5410 .W67

WISCONSIN COMPANIES should be searched as any other company, with the addition of some local guides. Data on a state company may not be any easier just because it is a local company. The Milwaukee Public Library has newspaper clipping files on Milwaukee companies and Wisconsin State incorporation records. The UWM Libraries' Archives, has files of state records on local companies and state companies of local subject interest (http://www.uwm.edu/Libraries/arch/busag.htm).

All Wisconsin media directory
(REF) HE 8700 .A45x
Business journal book of lists
(REF) HF 3163 .M5 B871x
Directory of Wisconsin biotechnology companies and related firms
(REF) HG 4057 .A17x (1997)
Financial briefs of Wisconsin corporations
HG 4070 .W5 F5 (1967-1999)
Wisconsin black pages
(REF) HF 5068 .M55x M55
Wisconsin business directory
(INFO DESK) HF 5065 .W6 W57
Wisconsin business service directory
(INFO DESK) HD 9981 .7 .W6 W57
Wisconsin exporters' directory
(REF) HF 3161 .W6 W58x
Wisconsin manufacturers directory
(INFO DESK) TS 24 .W6 W6
Wisconsin manufacturers register
(INFO DESK) HD 9727 .W6 W58
Wisconsin minority-owned business directory
(REF) HF 5065 .W5 D57x

PERIODICAL INDEXES AND ABSTRACTS provide citations to articles in journals and newspapers that may contain information about a company. Articles may be about an industry or specific company and provide valuable information. In particular, the F & S Index focused on materials dealing with individual companies and the industries to which they belong.


Articles: Resources A-Z
Academic search
Articles: Resources A-Z
Business full text
Articles: Resources A-Z
Business newsbank
Articles: Resources A-Z
Business source elite {includes Datamonitor company profiles}
Find Articles: Resources A-Z
F & S Index United States
(compact) HF 1 .F86x
LexisNexis academic
Articles: Resources A-Z
Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel index
Articles: Resources A-Z
Proquest newspapers
Articles: Resources A-Z
Regional business news
Articles: Resources A-Z
Wall Street Journal index (including Barron's)
(REF) HG 1 .W26
Wisconsin newsstand
Articles: Resources A-Z

INTERNET resources include general guides as well as specific sites. Many companies have homepages that describe their products, services, and company history. This SELECT list contains suggestions for initial exploration, not comprehensive searching. For additional indexes and business links, check the UWM Libraries home page, Articles: Resources by Subject/Major - Business and Economics: http://www.uwm.edu/Libraries/subjects/busecon.html.

Business journal serving greater Milwaukee
Corporate information
Edgar database of corporate filings (SEC)
Forbes largest private companies
Fortune 500
Hoover's online
10K Wizard
Yahoo! Business and economy/

OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION may be found by searching PantherCat, the online catalog, using keywords such as �corporations� or �international business enterprises.� Resources on a specific company will be listed by that company name as subject. The company�s local public library may provide data from local sources. ASK THE COMPANY! The company being researched may be willing to supply resource information, but prepare specific questions in advance.

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