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The subject of criminal justice involve many related fields of research. Fields related to criminal justice may include sociology {including demography and social work}, law, psychology, public administration, political science, business {including white collar crime and security issues}, education, ethnic studies, women's studies, and even science and medicine {including toxicology and substance analysis}. Specialized resources for many of these fields are available at the UWM Libraries.


Covering crime and justice: a guide for journalists

Criminal justice information: how to find it, how to use it
HV 7419 .5 .C75 1998

Criminal Justice Reference - Terminology, Definitions and Study Guides

Criminal justice research in libraries and on the Internet
HV 7419 .5 .L87x 1997

Guide to information sources for social work and the human services
HV 91 .M43 1987

Guide to information sources in the forensic sciences
(REF) HV 8073 .H65x 2006

UWM Research and Instructional Support; Subject Guides: Law and Criminal Justice

Use PantherCat, the online catalog to retrieve books dealing with the topic. When searching for a subject, use the Library of Congress Subject Headings, located near the RIS Ask a Librarian Desk. Ask a librarian for additional assistance.

Encyclopedias are an important, often overlooked, source of information. They can provide background and an overview of the topic, even help to narrow a topic. Most encyclopedias also provide citations to additional sources of information.
American dictionary of criminal justice(REF) HV 7411 .C48 2005
Blackwell encyclopaedia of political scienceJA 61 .B53x 1991
Cops, crooks, and criminologists; an international biographical dictionary of law enforcement(REF) HV 7911 .A1 A94 2000
Criminal justice and criminology; terms, concepts, and cases
Criminal Justice Reference - Terminology, Definitions and Study Guides
(REF) HV 7411 .C752x 2007
Drug abuse: a medical dictionary, bibliography, and annotated research guide to Internet referencesnetLibrary
Encyclopaedia of murder(REF) HV 6245 .W77 1961
Encyclopedia of adult developmentBF 724 .5 .E53 1993
Encyclopedia of alcoholism(REF) HV 5017 .E5 1991
Encyclopedia of crime and justice(REF) HV 6017 .E52 2002
Encyclopedia of crime and punishment(REF) HV 6017 .E524 2002
Encyclopedia of criminology and deviant behavior(REF) HV 6017 .E53 2001
Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior(REF) HV 5804 .E53 2001
Encyclopedia of police scienceHV 7901 .E53 1995
Encyclopedia of psychology(REF) BF 31 .E52 2000
Encyclopedia of social work(REF) HV 35 .S6 [1995 & supp]
Encyclopedia of sociology(REF) HM 425 .E5 2000
Encyclopedia of the American Constitution(REF) KF 4548 .E53 2000
Encyclopedia of violence: origins, attitudes, consequencesHV 6017 .D53x 1993
Encyclopedia of white-collar & corporate crime(REF) HV 6768 .E63 2005
Historical dictionary of law enforcement(REF) HV 7903 .R67 2001
West's encyclopedia of American law(REF) KF 154 .W47 1998
World encyclopedia of police forces and penal systemsHV 7901 .K87 1989

Articles in periodicals {newspapers, journals, magazines, etc.} may be found using indexes and abstracts. Specialized resources, like dissertations, government materials, may be located by using other guides. Not all titles listed are currently received by UWM Libraries; check PantherCat for exact holdings. All online databases may be accessed from the UWM Libraries homepage, under the "Resources A-Z" link.
Criminal justice abstracts(compact) HV 6001 .C7x
Resources A-Z
Criminal justice periodical index (CJPI)(compact) HV 6001 .C73x
Criminology, penology and police science abstracts
{title and call number varies}
HV 6001 .E9
    covers business resources
Resources A-Z
Academic search
    covers a wide variety of subject areas
Resources A-Z
Business periodicals index
    Business full text
(compact) Z 7164 .C81 B983
Resources A-Z
Education index
    Education full text
(compact) L 11 .E38x
Resources A-Z
ERICResources A-Z
Human resources abstractsHN 51 .P6
Index to legal periodicals and booksKF 8 .I45x
Resources A-Z
    searches tables of contents of journals
Resources A-Z
LexisNexis academic
    covers a wide variety of legal and related topics
Resources A-Z
    searches medical journals
Resources A-Z
    covers regional U.S. newspapers: microfiche back files
Resources A-Z
Newspaper Source Plus
    covers major U.S. newspapers
Resources A-Z
PAIS international
    covers world public affairs, public and social policies,
political science, etc.
Resources A-Z
PsycINFO {Psychological abstracts}Resources A-Z
Reader's guide to periodical literature
    Reader's guide full text
(REF annex) AI 3 .R48
Resources A-Z
Sage urban studies abstracts(compact) HT 151 .S15x
Social sciences index
    Social sciences full text
(REF annex) AI 3 .R4913x
Resources A-Z
Social services abstractsResources A-Z
Social work abstracts(compact) HV 1 .N3
Sociological abstracts(compact) HM 1 .S67
Resources A-Z
Urban affairs abstracts(compact) HT 101 .U6x
Resources A-Z
WestLaw campus
    covers a variety of legal and related topics
Resources A-Z
Wisconsin Newspapers Digital Research SiteResources A-Z
Worldwide political science abstractsResources A-Z
Catalog of U.S. government publications
    covers U.S. government publications in many fields
Resources A-Z
CIS Index to congressional publications
    full text available on microfiche in lower level, west wing
(MFC) KF 49 .C4x
(MC) KF 01
Dissertations and theses {Dissertation abstracts}
    covers doctoral dissertations and many masters theses
Resources A-Z
National Criminal Justice Reference Service abstracts Database
    covers publications from NCJRS, many full-text
Articles: Resources A-Z

Statistics support research, and the UWM Libraries contain an abundance of statistical sources. The sources listed below are a sampling of available materials; for further information on statistical sources see the RIS Library Guide "Statistics Sources" or ask a librarian.
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Correctional populations in the United StatesHV 9465 .C67 [1997]
Crime in America's top-rated cities; a statistical profileHV 6787 .C745 (1997/98)
Crime in the United States
    {Uniform crime reports}
(REF) HV 6787 .A3
Criminal victimization in the United States
HV 7245 .N37a
Criminal victimization in the United States: statistical tables
Domestic abuse incident report     {Wisconsin}HQ 809 .3 .U5 D65x [1999]
Drug use forecasting: annual report on adult and juvenile arresteesHV 5825 .D782x [1997]
Firearm deaths in Wisconsin, 1979-1993HV 6793 .W6 F73 1994
LexisNexis statistical
    American statistics index
    full text is available on microfiche
    guide to statistical publications of the federal government
Resources A-Z
(MFC) HA 214 .A5x
(MC) HA 02
Polling the Nation
American public opinion index (APOI)
    data from APOI is available on microfiche
Resources A-Z
(compact) HM 261 .A463
(MC) HM 01
Pulse check: national trends in drug abuseHV 5825 .P86x
Social work almanacHV 90 .G53 1995
Sourcebook of criminal justice statistics(REF) HV 7245 .N37b
Statistical abstract of the United States(REF) HA 202
Statistical handbook on violence in America(REF) HV 6787 .S73x 1996
Wisconsin crime and arrests(REF) HV 7299 .A45x
Wisconsin traffic crash facts(REF) HE 5614 .3 .W5

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