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International Newspapers

Title Language Published Holdings Internet
(Ha) Arets
(Haaretz daily newspaper)
HebrewTel Aviv60 days*
Financial TimesEngishNorth Am. ed.90 days*
Jen Min Jih Pao (Renmin ribao) (People's Daily)ChineseBeijing60 days*
Jerusalem Post {weekday ed.}EnglishIsraelCurrent Issues: 60 days*
1947-1989: (MF) AN 030
(El) Pais (Domingo)SpanishMadrid90 days*
(al)-Sharq al-AwsatArabicLondon60 days*
Times (London)EnglishLondonCurrent Issues; Until receipt of microfilm
1788 to date: (MF) AN 04
* from date of receipt

Other International Titles of Interest
China Daily    (Chung kuo jih pao), USA edition
Dziennik Zwiazkowy    (Polish daily zgoda)
Frankfurter Allgemeine
Guardian Weekly (Manchester)
Irish Times
(Le) Monde
(Die) Zeit

Internet access and coverage varies with the individual newspaper, some may have the full paper, others only the headlines; many others are available with an individual subscription. For additional international news coverage, major subject access is available through the databases
Newspaper Source Plus and LexisNexis Academic.

Other online resources include the

For an online link to major newspapers throughout the world, try the site:


International General Interest Periodicals


Title (currently received) Language Published Call Number Holdings
(L') Express InternationalFrenchParisAP 20 .E9x1970 to date
(Le) PointFrenchParisAP 20 .P6x1973 to 2009
via LexisNexis academic
(Der) SpiegelGermanHamburgAP 30 .S661955 to 2009
via LexisNexis academic



For periodicals that are country specific, but still of a more general interest, do a Basic Search - Keyword (and, or, not) in PantherCat for the name of the country and "periodicals", e.g., China and periodicals, Germany and periodicals, Israel and periodicals, Japan and periodicals, Spain and periodicals. Titles carried by the UWM Libraries include China Pictorial, Cyprus Today, India Perspectives, Nipponia, Russian Life, etc.


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