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CQ Researcher (annual)1948-2001
(REF) H 35 .E35
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Editorials on File1970-date(REF) D 410 .E3x
Facts on File1941-date(REF) D 410 .F3
General Resources:
Encyclopedia of Associations
Associations Unlimited
(Info Desk) HS 17 .G3
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Gay Almanac(REF) HQ 76 .3 .U5 G367 1996
Gay and Lesbian Issues: a Reference HandbookHQ 76 .25 .S748 2003
Left Guide: a Guide to Left-of-Center Organizations [1998](REF) HS 2321 .L44
Lesbian Almanac(REF) HQ 75 .6 .U5 L35 1996
Right Guide: a Guide to Conservative and Right-of-Center Organizations [2000](REF) HS 2321 .R54
Women's Guide to the Wired World(REF) HQ 1180 .P46x 1997
Sexual orientation may be covered in a wide variety of subjects - see the Subject Encyclopedias guide for a further list of possible sources.
Completely Queer: the Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia(REF) HQ 75 .H63 1998
Encyclopedia of Homosexuality(REF) HQ 76 .25 .E53 1990
Encyclopedia of Mental Health(REF) RA 790 .E565x 1998
Encyclopedia of Psychology(REF) BF 31 .E52 2000
Encyclopedia of Sociology(REF) HM 425 .E5 2000
Gay Histories and Cultures: an Encyclopedia(REF) HQ 75 .13 .G37 2000
Human Sexuality: an Encyclopedia(REF) HQ 9 .H846 1994
International Encyclopedia of Sexuality(REF) HQ 21 .I68 1998
Lesbian Histories and Cultures: an Encyclopedia(REF) HQ 75 .5 .L4395 2000
Film and Video:
Bent Lens: a World Guide to Gay & Lesbian Films(REF) PN 1995 .9 .H55 B45 1997
Bisexual Characters in Film: From Anais to ZeePN 1995 .9 .B57 B78 1997
Facets Gay & Lesbian Video Guide(REF) PN 1995 .9 .H55 M35 1993
Gay Hollywood Film & Video Guide(REF) PN 1995 .9 .H55 S74 1994
Legal Issues and Government Sources:
CQ ... Almanac Plus1953-date(REF) JK 1 .C66
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue
Gay Couples and the Law: a Bibliography [1990]Z 7164 .A2 P7 # 2810
GPO Access
Sex Law: a Legal Sourcebook on Critical Sexual Issues for the Non-LawyerKF 9325 .F75 1990
Sexuality and the Law: an Encyclopedia of Major Legal CasesKF 9325 .A7 L46 1993
Literature and Drama:
Actor's Book of Gay and Lesbian PlaysPS 627 .H67 A28 1995
Contemporary Lesbian Writers of the United States(REF) PS 153 .L46 C65 1993
Gay and Lesbian American Plays: An Annotated BibliographyZ 1229 .G25 F87 1993
Gay and Lesbian Characters and Themes in Mystery NovelsPR 1309 .D4 S55 1993
Gay & Lesbian Literary Companion(REF) PN 56 .H57 G362x 1995
Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage(REF) PN 56 .H57 G365 1995
Gay & Lesbian Literature(REF) PN 56 .H57 G36 1994
Gay Theatre Alliance Directory of Gay Plays [1980](REF) PS 338 .H66 H4
Lesbian and Bisexual Fiction WritersPS 153 .L46 L43 1997
Lesbians in Print: a Bibliography of 1,500 Books with Synopses(REF) HQ 75 .5 .G55x 1995
American Public Opinion Index
{microform materials}
Polling the Nations

(REF) HM 261 .A463
(MC) HM 01
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American Statistics Index
LexisNexis Statistical
{microform materials}
1974-date(REF) HA 214 .A5x
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(MC) HA 02
Hate Crime Statistics1990, 1995
HV 6250 .3 .U5 H38x
Gallup Poll Monthly
Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing
(REF) H 1 .G3x
H 1 .G34x
Sex in America: a Definitive StudyHQ 18 .U5 S475 1994


The terms listed are selected terms that can be used to search PantherCat, the online catalog, using a "Keyword (and, or, not)" search.
bisexual?gay?"gender identity"
homosexual?lesbian?"sex change"
"sexual orientation"transsexualtransvest?


With the interdisciplinary nature of sexual orientation, relevant journal articles may be found using a variety of indexes - anthropology, biology, communication, education, film, law, philosophy, political science, etc. The following are some of the most relevant indexes.
Academic Search1984-dateFind Articles: Resources A-Z
Alternative Press Index1969-date(REF) AI 3 .A2x
America, History and Life1964-1995
E 171 .A422x
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Contemporary Women's Issues part of LexisNexis Academic1992-dateFind Articles: Resources A-Z
Feminist Periodicals1981-dateZ 7961 .F386x
GenderWatch1970-dateFind Articles: Resources A-Z
Historical Abstracts1955-1995
(REF) D 299 .H5
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Humanities Index
Humanities Full Text
(REF) AI 3 .R4912x
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Psychological Abstracts
(REF) BF 1 .P65
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Social Sciences Index
Social Sciences Full Text
(REF) AI 3 .R4913x
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Sociological Abstracts1953-2000
(REF) HM 1 .S67
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Women's Studies International
includes Women Studies Abstracts
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HQ 1101 .W615x

Gay and Lesbian Studies {New York Public Library}
Gay and Lesbian Studies
Gerber Hart Library
GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
Human Rights Campaign
Information Resources for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Studies
International Foundation for Gender Education
Library Q
Gay and Lesbian Studies Research Guide
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Queer Resources Directory
Sexual Orientation Specific Resources
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