PantherCat, the UWM Libraries Online Catalog: Searching Tips

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This guide presents basic instructions for searching in PantherCat.

Basic Search

Complete a search type by using the "Search" box, and use the selections under "within" to select the type of search. Scroll down to view all options. The most common search types include:

Title: Enter the exact title of a book, journal, video, or other item. OMIT any articles (the, a, an, la) at the beginning of the title. Example:

Author: Enter the author name in last name, first name order, separated with a space, not a comma. Example:

Journal Title: Enter the EXACT title of the publication (journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.). This search cannot be used to find articles within magazines, journals, or newspapers. Example:

Words Anywhere: Enter words and/or phrases with Boolean operators (and, or, not) for a more specific search. Phrases should have " " (quotation marks) around them to search as a phrase. Example:

Limiting a Basic Search
The "Limit to" menu provides options for restricting the search, for example: Videos, English language, current resource.

Advanced Search

For the Advanced Search, click on the Advanced Search tab. Enter words or phrases in the "Search" box. Use the drop-down menu after the search box to indicate the search method: as a phrase, any of these, all of these. Use the options in the "within" box to restrict the search to a specific part of the entry, e.g., publisher name, series, subject, etc.. To include additional criteria in the main search, use the next search box and menus, below the AND connector. Use the options givn to limit the search to specific criteria, e.g. type, format, location, place of publication, language.

Displaying Entries � the Titles List

The Titles List displays the results of the search. For each item, the title, author, date, location, call number, and status are shown. To see the location and status of all items in an entry, when the library owns multiple copies or volumes of that title, access the full record by clicking on the title.

Saving Titles For Later Use

To save the titles of items located during a search for a later review, the records can be put in a "My List" file. Log on to your Personal Record, then do the search(es) of interest. Each title can then be saved to this file and will remain there until removed, emailed, or printed. See the guide "My Saved Titles" for additional information.

Printing, Emailing, & Downloading

To print, save, or email specific entries on the Titles List, select desired entries by clicking in the box next to the item number. To print, save, or email all of the entries on the current page, select "page" or "all".

Scroll to the Print/E-mail/Add to List Options on the display screen.
Emailing: To email entries, enter the full email address and click on .
Downloading: To save entries to a disk, click on "Export", and follow the directions given.
Printing: To print entries, click on "Print", and follow the directions given.

Renewing Materials

To renew items that you have checked out, access your Personal Record in PantherCat.

  1. Click in the Renew? box to the left of the item or items to be renewed. To uncheck items, click the Reset button.

  2. Click the Renew Items button. Verify that the item has been renewed by reviewing the text in the Status and Renewal Status columns. This text should change from "Checked Out" to "Renewed" and an updated due date should appear. If the item(s) is not renewed, please seek assistance at the Circulation Desk in the main lobby or call 414-229-4132. There are some circumstances in which books or other materials may not be renewed. Circulation staff can provide answers to these questions.

  3. After completing the transaction, click Logoff and Exit to ensure the privacy of your library record.

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