PubMed User Guide
MEDLINE via PubMed

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PubMed is the search service from the National Library of Medicine that provides indexing and abstracts to over 16 million journal articles from over 4,800 medical and other health related journals in MEDLINE, as well as links to participating online journals.line4.jpg (817 bytes)

To access MEDLINE via PubMed, select it from the Indexes to Articles list [under "M"] at or go directly to

To perform a basic search, click in the query box and enter one or more keywords or phrases related to a topic. Terms will automatically be combined with “AND”.

MEDLINE contains citations to articles dating back to the 1950's. To limit the search, click on the word "Limits" and make appropriate selections.

To perform an author search, enter the author’s name as last name, first initial or first-second initial - do not use first names (as shown).

PubMed Basic Search screen.


After the search has been performed, the options are:

Click on “Details” to see how PubMed has interpreted the search.

Click on the author's name to see the citation with an abstract, if available. Or, check the boxes to the left of selected citations and change the drop-down menu next to "Display" to "abstract" to see the abstracts for the selected articles only.

Click on the author’s name to view an individual citation.

If a citation is particularly relevant to the topic, click on “Related Articles” to view additional similar citations.

Citations can be marked and printed from the browser, or saved to a file, or emailed. Click on the "Text" button to convert the search results to a plain text format before printing from the Web browser's "Print" button.

Search results screen.
When viewing the full citation, PubMed will also provide links to the full article if it is available on the Internet. Such links include any free full text or links to the publisher's web site. The UWM Libraries may not have online access to all full text at these publisher sites. Click on in the entry to
check if the UWM Libraries has online full text or paper access to the article of interest.

Use the "MeSH Database" to search the list of Medical Subject Headings for the topic by clicking on that link on the blue sidebar. Click on "Send to" to add the term to the Search Box, then click the "Search PubMed" button to run the search.

Medical Subject Headings Database screen.


After finding relevant citations, use the “Journal Database” option to translate the journal abbreviations given in the citations to the full titles of the journals.

Be sure to use this feature to verify the exact name of the journal titles for articles of interest.

Journal Database.   

For questions on how to use MEDLINE via PubMed, please contact the Ask a Librarian Desk at (414) 229-4659.

R. Devin, University of Rhode Island; 9/98; rev. 3/00
revised and adapted, M. Boulanger 11/00, 5/03, 2/06