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Reference USAcontains current, basic information for over 12 million U.S. businesses, including publicly-traded companies, private companies and branches of these companies; service industries and manufacturing industries are included. The database also includes other types of entities, such as nonprofit organizations and government agencies. To access Reference USA from the UWM Libraries' home page, click on Resources A-Z. On the next screen, click "Search" under , then click "Start Search Now." Search CorpTech via Reference USA for technology-based companies.


There are two search methods: the Quick Search and the Custom Search.

Quick Search

The Quick Search is the default screen. Fill in one or more of the boxes and click on the Search Now! button. It is not necessary to fill in more than one box.

Custom Search

To conduct a more detailed search, click on the Custom Search tab. The following screen will appear:


A list of all companies, if any, that meet the search criteria will appear. The list will include the company's name, address and phone number and, if appropriate, a linkage arrow to indicate a relationship between parent companies, subsidiaries and branches.

To view more information on a particular company, click on the company name. This provides a link to the Detailed Listing, which includes estimated sales, SIC code(s) and other information.


To print or save the results, place a check mark in the box(es) next to the company's name(s). Click on the All button to put check marks next to every company on the list.

Note: Only 50 records can be printed or saved at one time. If more than 50 records are marked, an error message will be displayed.

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