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Myth encyclopedia
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Catholic Encyclopedia (1908)
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Abstracts in anthropology1970-2008GN 1 .A2x
Anthropological literatureLate 19th Cen. +Resources A-Z
ATLA with ATLASerials1949 +Resources A-Z
Catholic periodical and literature index1939 - 1992
1981 +
(compact) AI 3 .C32
Resources A-Z
Humanities index
Humanities full text
1984 +
(REF annex) AI 3 .R4912x
Resources A-Z
Index Islamicus1906 +Resources A-Z
Index to Jewish periodicals1988 +
Resources A-Z
Z 6944 .J4 I5x
New Testament abstracts1985 +Resources A-Z
Old Testament abstracts1978 +Resources A-Z
Philosopher's index1940 +Resources A-Z
Religion index one: Periodicalssee ATLA
Religious and theological abstracts1958-2007BR 1 .R286

Helpful Hints for Searching the Online Catalog
The following are examples of the Library of Congress subject headings that can be used in searching PantherCat, the online catalog. Consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings [(REF) Z 695 .L6952x], or ask a Librarian for assistance.
To look for specific cultural groups:

religion and afro-americans
creek indians and religion
mythology, hawaiian

To find geographic or specific religious materials:

australia and religion
mythology and mexico

To find aspects of religious studies:

art and religion
death and religious aspects
mythology and political aspects

There are many sources of information dealing with the study of religion and mythology on the Internet. See the online Resources by Subject/Major: Philosophy and Religious Studies guides for a list of some good starting points.

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