Women's Studies embraces diverse disciplines, and research may appear in general sources as well as specialized resources. A wide range of sources may need to be consulted when researching topics relating to women. This guide is a sampling of resources available at the UWM Libraries. Consult the online catalog, PantherCat, for items on specific topics. A good place to begin is a research guide; research guides provide descriptions of women's studies sources and guidance in organizing research.

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Introduction to library research in women's studies
Z 7961 .S42 1985

Feminism and women's issues: an annotated bibliography and research guide
HQ 1206 .W37x 1990

Feminist methods in social research
HQ 1180 .R448 1992

Feminist research methods: an annotated bibliography
(REF) HQ 1180 .M555x 1991

Reader's guide to women's studies
HQ 1180 .R43x 1998

Women's studies: a guide to information sources
HQ 1206 .C37x 1990

Women's studies: a recommended bibliography
(REF) HQ 1130 .K75x 2004

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American Women (Library of Congress)
American Women: a Library of Congress
guide for the study of women's history and
culture in the United States (2001)
Z 7164.U5 A47 2001

Big book of opportunities for women: the directory of women's organizations
(REF) LB 2337 .2 .B52 1997

Chronology of women's history
HQ 1121 .O47 1994

Dictionary of feminist theory
HQ 1115 .H86 1989

Encyclopedia of feminism
HQ 1115 .T87 1986

Encyclopedia of feminist theories     (2000)
PantherCat: netLibrary

Encyclopedia of marriage and the family
HQ 9 .E52 1995

European women's almanac
HQ 1587 .S69 1992

Feminist dictionary
HQ 1115 .K73 1985

Feminist dollar: the wise woman's buying guide
HC 110 .C63 K37 1997

Gerritsen collection of Aletta H. Jscobs
(Gerritsen collection of women's history, 1553-1945)
Monographs and periodicals; titles listed individually
in PantherCat.
UWM Libraries: Resources A-Z

Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide

Asia and Oceania
    HQ 1726 .G74 2003
Central and South America
    HQ 1467 .G74 2003
    HQ 1588 .G74 2003
Middle East and North Africa
    HQ 1726 .5 .G74 2003
North America and the Caribbean
    HQ 1400 .G74 2003
Sub-Saharan Africa
    HQ 1788 .G74 2003

Historical dictionary of feminism
HQ 1115 .B65 2004

Historical dictionary of feminist philosophy
(REF) HQ 1190 .G36 2006

Information Please women's sourcebook
HQ 1101 .I54x {1995} [compact shelving west]

Milwaukee area women's resource directory
(REF) HQ 1883 .D5x {2003}

New books on women & feminism
(REF) HQ 1101 .N39x     [latest only]
see Women's Studies International [periodical index]

New ourselves, growing older
HQ 1064 .U5 D669 1994

Our bodies, ourselves for the new century
RA 778 .N67 1998

Routledge international encyclopedia of women; global women's issues and knowledge
HQ 1115 .R69 2000

Resourceful woman
HQ 1115 .B74x 1994

Statistical abstract of the United States
(REF) HA 202

Statistical handbook on women in America
HQ 1420 .T34 1996

Statistical record of women worldwide
HQ 1150 .S73 (1991-1995)

We shall be heard: an index to speeches by American women, 1978 to 1985
AI 3 .M36x 1988

W.I.S.H.: the international handbook of women's studies
HQ 1180 .W57x 1993

Women and work: a handbook
HQ 1426 .W6358x 1996

Women in the third world: a reference handbook
HQ 1870 .9 .K58 1997
PantherCat: netLibrary

Women in the third world: an encyclopedia of contemporary issues
HQ 1870 .9 .W6548 1998

Women's atlas of the United States
HQ 1426 .G42x 1995

Women's business resource guide
HF 5035 .W66 1996

Women's chronology: a year-by-year record from prehistory to the present
HQ 1122 .T73 1994

Women's desk reference
HQ 1236 .5 .U6 F73 1993

Women's guide to the wired world
HQ 1180 .P46x 1997

Women's health care: a comprehensive handbook
RA 564 .85 .W66684 1995

Women's health data book
RA 408 .W65 W6 1992

Women's information services and networks
HQ 1177 .W66x 1999

Women's issues
HQ 1115 .W6425 1997

Women's studies encyclopedia
HQ 1115 .W645 1989

Women's thesaurus
HQ 1180 .W86x 1987

Women's world: a timeline of women in history
HQ 1122 .F69 1995

Women's yellow pages of greater Milwaukee
HQ 1903 .W67x {1991-1995/96}

World's women, 1970-1990: trends and statistics
HQ 1154 .W67x 1991

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A to Z of women in world history
(REF) CT 3202 .K84 2002

African American biographies
E 185 .96 .H38 1992

American women artists: from early Indian times to the present
N 6505 .R8 1982

American women civil rights activists: biobibliographies of 68 leaders, 1825-1992
HQ 1236 .5 .U6 H365x 1993

American women in technology: an encyclopedia
T 36 .Z54 2000

American women leaders: 1,560 current biographies
(REF) CT 3260 .H39 2009

Biographical cyclopaedia of American women [1924]
CT 3260 .B5

Biographical dictionary of women artists in Europe and America since 1850
N 6757 .D86 1990b

Continuum dictionary of women's biography
CT 3202 .C66 1989

Dictionary of women artists: an international dictionary of women artists born before 1900
N 43 .P47 1985

Dictionary of women in church history
BR 1713 .H33 1984

Encyclopedia of Amazons: women warriors from antiquity to the modern era
U 51 .S34 1991

Encyclopedia of women and sports
GV 709 .S44 1996
PantherCat: netLibrary

Encyclopedia of women in American politics
HQ 1236 .5 .U6 E53 1999

Encyclopedia of women in the ancient world
HQ 1127 .S25 2001

Famous Wisconsin women [1970]
(REF) CT 268 .F3x

400 outstanding women of the world, and costumology of their time [1933]
CT 3202 .S3
PantherCat: Gerritsen Collection

Index to women of the world from ancient to modern times {main vol and supp, 1988}
HQ 1123 .I74x 1970

International encyclopedia of women scientists
Q 141 .O27 2002

Lesser-known women: a biographical dictionary
CT 3203 .G57 1992

Macmillan dictionary of women's biography [1982]
CT 3202 .M25x

Native American women; a biographical dictionary
E 98 .W8 B38 2001

Notable American women
CT 3260 .N57 1971

Notable Black American women
(REF) E 185 .96 .N68 1992

Notable women in the American theatre
PN 2285 .N65 1989

Notable women in the physical sciences: a biographical dictionary
Q 141 .N734 1997

Notable women in world government [2000]
PantherCat: netLibrary

Portraits of American women: from settlement to the present
CT 3260 .P73 1991

Profile of Wisconsin women
HQ 1438 .W5 B87x 1994

Reel women: pioneers of the cinema, 1896 to the present
PN 1998 .2 .A24 1991

Who's who of American women {latest}
(REF) CT 3260 .W5
Resources A-Z: Marquis Who's Who

Woman of the century, fourteen hundred-seventy biographical sketches accompanied by portraits of leading American women in all walks of life
E 176 .W691 1967

Women composers and songwriters
(RMU) ML 105 .C593 1996
PantherCat: netLibrary

Women in American musical theatre: essays on composers, lyricists, librettists, arrangers, choreographers, designers, directors, producers and performance artists
ML 82 .W645 2008

Women in particular: an index to American women
HQ 1412 .H47 1984

Women in the United States Congress, 1917-2001
JK 1021 .A687 2003

Women in world history: a biographical encyclopedia
HQ 1115 .W6 1999

Women of classical mythology: a biographical dictionary     (17 vols)
BL 715 .B445 1993

Women of mathematics
QA 28 .W66 1987

Women patriots of the American Revolution
E 276 .C5 1991

Women public speakers in the United States, 1800-1925
HQ 1412 .W67 1993

Women public speakers in the United States, 1925-1993
HQ 1412 .W68 1994

Women rulers throughout the ages
D 107 .J32 1999

Women scientists from antiquity to the present
Q 141 .H475 1986

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American women fiction writers
PS 374 .W6 A455 1997

American women playwrights, 1900-1950
PS 338 .W6 S48 1995

American women writers: a critical reference guide from colonial times to the present
PS 147 .A42 1988

Bibliographical guide to African-American women writers
PS 153 .N5 J67x 1993

Black American women novelists
PS 153 .N5 W37 1989

British and Irish Women's Lettes and Diaries, from 1500-1900
UWM Libraries: Resources A-Z

British women writers: a critical reference guide
PR 111 .B75 1989

Checklist of women writers, 1801-1900: fiction-verse-drama
Z 2013 .5 .W6 A48 1990

Contemporary women dramatists
PR 736 .C58 1994

Dictionary of British and American women writers, 1660-1800
PR 113 .D5 1985

Drama by women to 1900: a bibliography of American and British writers
Z 5781 .D38x 1992

Encyclopedia of British women writers [rev ed]
PR 111 .E54 1998

Encyclopedia of continental women writers
PN 481 .E5 1991

Fearless girls, wise women, and beloved sisters: heroines in folktales from around the world
GR 515 .F43 1998

Feminism in women's detective fiction
PN 3448 .D4 F45x 1995

Feminist companion to literature in English: women writers from the Middle Ages to the present
PR 111 .B57 1990

Honey, hush! an anthology of African American women's humor
PN 6231 .N5 H66 1998

Index to poetry by Black American women
PS 153 .N5 C43x 1986

Latin American women writers: an encyclopedia
(REF) PQ 7081 .3 .L37 2008

Modern American women writers
PS 151 .M54 1991

Modern women writers
PN 471 .M62 1996

Monologues for women by women
PN 2080 .M538 1994

More monologues for women by women
PN 2080 .M67 1996
Even more monologues for women
by women
PN 2080 .E94 2001

New Beacon book of quotations by women
PN 6081 .5 .N48 1996

New quotable woman
PN 6081 .5 .N49 1992

Nineteenth-century American women writers: a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook
PS 217 .W64 N56 1997

Oxford companion to women's writing in the United States
PS 147 .O94 1995

Oxford guide to British women writers
PR 111 .S48 1993

Pen names of women writers: from 1600 to the present
Z 1041 .M34 1985

Spanish American women writers: a bio-bibliographical source book
PQ 7081 .S68x 1990

Third world women's literatures: a dictionary and guide to materials in English
PN 849 .U43 F58 1995

Who's who in contemporary women's writing
PN 471 .W48x 2001

Women writers in the United States: a timeline of literary, cultural, and social history
PS 147 .D38 1996

Women writers of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Z 2233 .5 .W6 W66 1989

Women writers of Spanish America
PQ 7081 .W65x 1987

Women writers of the Renaissance & Reformation
PN 6069 .W65 W63 1987

Women's poetry index
PN 1024 .G89 1985

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ABC-CLIO companion to women's progress in America
HQ 1410 .F76 1994

Almanac of women and minorities in American politics
HQ 1236 .5 .U6 M3778 1999

America's working women: a documentary history, 1600 to the present
HD 6095 .A662 1995

American Indian women: a guide to research
Z 1209 .2 .N67 B36 1991

American women's almanac
HQ 1410 .B47 1997

Black women in America
(REF) E 185 .86 .B542 2005

Book of women's firsts: break-through achievements of almost 1000 American women
CT 3260 .R428 1992

Cornell University collection of women's rights pamphlets on microfiche [index]
(MFC) HQ 1423 .C7x
Microfiche collection [1814-1912]; (MC) HQ 1

Encyclopedia of American women in business: from colonial times to the present
(REF) HD 6054 .4 .U6 K753 2005

Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America
BL 458 .E52 2006

Encyclopedia of women's history in America
HQ 1410 .C85 2000

From Pocahontas to power suits: everything you need to know about women's history in America
HQ 1410 .M56 1995

Gerritsen collection of Aletta H. Jscobs
(Gerritsen collection of women's history, 1543-1945)
Monographs and periodicals; titles listed individually
in PantherCat.
UWM Libraries: Resources A-Z

Handbook of American women's history
HQ 1410 .H36 2000

Hellraisers, heroines, and holy women: women's most remarkable contributions to history [1981]
HQ 1233 .B57

Herstory microfilm collection: table of contents [197?]
(MFC) HQ 1426 .W652x
Microfilm collection (Herstory 1, 2, 3); (MF) HQ 69,70,71,72,73,74,75

History of women in the United States: historical articles on women's lives and activities
HQ 1410 .H57 1992

History of women in the United States: state-by-state reference
(REF) HQ 1410 .H58 2004

Index of references to American women in colonial newspapers through 1800
Z 5313 .U5 E9 1979

Jewish women in America: an historical encyclopedia
(REF) E 184 .J5 W52x 1998

Ladies in the laboratory?: American and British women in science, 1800-1900
Q 141 .C69 1998

Ladies in the laboratory II: West European women in science, 1800-1900
Q 141 .C693 2004

Ladies in the laboratory III: South African, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian women in science: nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
Q 141 .C6933 2010

Manuscript inventories and the catalogs of manuscripts, books and pictures
(REF) HQ 1121 .A78x 1973

Milestones: a chronology of American women's history
HQ 1410 .W434 1997

North American women's letters and diaries
UWM Libraries: Resources A-Z

Political and historical encyclopedia of women
HQ 1236 .5 .E85 E52 2003

Reader's companion to U.S. women's history
HQ 1410 .R43 1998
PantherCat: netLibrary

Routledge historical atlas of women in America
HQ 1410 .O68 2000

Story of Wisconsin women [1948]
HQ 1438 .W5 K6

Women: a modern political dictionary
HQ 1236 .5 .G7 L39x 2000

Women and social movements in the United States 1600-2000
UWM Library: Resources A-Z

Women in U.S. history: a resource guide
HQ 1410 .H363x 2000

Women religious history sources: a guide to repositories in the United States
BX 4220 .U6 W65x 1983

Women's history: resources at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Z 7961 .A1 W57 1997

Women's history sources: a guide to archives and manuscript collections in the United States [1979]
(REF) HQ 1410 .W67x

Women's movement: references and resources
HQ 1236 .5 .U6 R93x 1996

Women's periodicals and newspapers from the 18th century to 1981: a union list of the holdings of Madison, Wisconsin libraries
Z 7965 .H3 1982

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Articles in newspapers and periodicals may be found using indexes and abstracts. Many indexes/abstracts are available in the UWM Libraries in electronic or paper format on subjects ranging from art to criminal justice to zoology; the guide "Periodical Indexes and Abstracts" lists many of these. The following indexes/databases are examples of useful resources. Link to the titles via the UWM Libraries: Resources A-Z; use the list under UWM Libraries: Resources by Subject/Major for additional online resources.
Academic Search

America: History and Life

Alternative Press Index    [print resource]

Dissertation Abstracts

ERIC     {education}


Humanities Index/Humanities Full Text


LexisNexis Academic

Newspaper Source Plus

PAIS International/Archive

Polling the Nation

American Public Opinion Index


Social Sciences Index/Social Science Full Text

Sociological Abstracts

Women's Studies International

(includes Women's Studies Abstracts and other titles)
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Memorial Library, UW-Madison, 608-263-5754

Bolton Hall, Room 735, UW-Milwaukee, 414-229-5918

UWM Union, WG 93, 414-229-2852

The Internet provides many resources; useful sites include:

Early Modern Women Database

American Women's History: a Research Guide

Voice of the Shuttle: Humanities - Gender & Sexuality Studies

Women's Resources on the Net

Discovering American Women's History Online

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