Film History and Theory

Cinema Booklist                                                                                    Z 5784 M9 R42

Cinema of Outsiders: The Rise of American Independent Film                 PN 1995.9 .E96 L43 1999

Death of Cinema: History, Cultural Memory and the Digital                     PN 1995. C4555 2001

                  Dark Age

Emergence of Cinema: The American Screen to 1907                             PN 1995.75 M87x 1990

Film: A Reference Guide                                                                       (REF) PN 1993.45 .A75 1980

Film and Theory: An Anthology                                                              PN 1994. F4382 2000

Film Art: An Introduction                                                                       PN 1995. B617 2001

Film History: An Introduction                                                                 PN 1993.5 .A1 T45 2002

Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings                                    P 1994. M364 1999

Great Art of Light and Shadow                                                              TR 848 M3613x 2000

How to Read a Film: The World of Movies, Media and Multimedia:          PN 1994 .M59 2000

                  Language, History and Theory

Key Concepts in Cinema Studies                                                            PN 1993.45 H36 1996

In Short: A Guide to Short Filmmaking in the Digital Age                         PN 1993.5 .A1 E45 2002

Independent Visions: A Critical Introduction to Recent Independent          PN 1998.2 .L96 1994

American Film

Language of Cinema                                                                             (REF) PN 1993.45 .J23 1998

Language of New Media                                                                       P 96 .T42 M35 2001

Major Film Theories                                                                              PN 1995 A5

Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics                                      TR 850 Z47 1990         

Story of Cinema                                                                                    PN 1993.5 A1 S52 1980

Storytelling in the New Hollywood: Understanding Classical                     PN 1996 .T46 1999

                  Narrative Technique

Understanding Movies                                                                           PN 1994 G47 1990

Visionary Film: The American Avant Garde                                            PN 1995.9 E96 S53 2002

What is Cinema?                                                                                   PN 1994. B3513

Additional Subject Headings:    

 Experimental Films History and Criticism                            Motion Pictures United States History

Documentary FilmMAKING

Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film                                     PN 1995.9 D6 B37 1983

Documentary Film Classics                                                                    PN 1995.9 D6 R69 1997

Documentary Filmmakers Speak                                                            PN 1995.9 .D6 S853 2002

Doing Visual Ethnography: Images, Media and                                        GN 347 .P56 2001

                  Representation in Research                                                 

Fields of vision: Essays in Film Studies, Visual                                         PN 1994 F433 1995

                  Anthropology and Photography                                            

For Documentary: Twelve Essays                                                          PN 1995.9 .D6 V33 1999

Introduction to Documentary                                                                  PN 1995.9 D6 N539 2001

Lies, Damn Lies and Documentaries                                                      PN 1992.8 D6 W56 2000

New Documentary: A Critical Introduction                                             PN 1995.9 .D6 B78 2000

Principles of Visual Anthropology                                                           GN 347 P75 1995

Writing, Directing and Producing Documentary Films and Videos             PN 1995.9 D6 R65 1996

Additional Subject Headings:

                  Documentary Films History and Criticism     Motion Pictures in Ethnology     Visual Anthropology

Producers and Directors

Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964-1980                                PN 1995 B715 1982

Complete Films of Alfred Hitchcock                                                       PN 1998.3 .H58 H37x 2002      

David Rimmer: Films & Tapes 1967-1993                                               PN 119.3. R567x D38 1993

Director’s Vision: A Concise Guide to the Art of 250 Great                     PN 1995.9 P7 A53x 1999


Dreyer in Double Reflection. A Translation of Carl Th. Dreyer’s             PN 1994 D713

                  Writings about the Film

D.W. Griffith: American Film Master                                                     PN 1998.3 G76 B37 2002

Encyclopedia of Film Directors in the United States of America               (REF) PN 1998 .E49 1993

                  and Europe

Encyclopedia of Filmmakers                                                                   (REF) PN 1998.2 T53 2002

Film Form; Essays in Film Theory                                                           PN 1995 E5

Film Sense  PN 1995 E52 1947b

Films of Nicholas Ray: Poet of Nightfall                                                  PN 1998.3. R39x A53 1991

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers                                     (REF) PN 1997.8 .I58 2000

Kino-Eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov                                                 PN 1995.9 .D6 V44 1984

My Life and My Films  (Renoir)                                                             PN 1998 A3 R45713 1979

Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger                           PN 1998.3 .F57 M64 2004

Second Wave                                                                                        PN 1998 A2 S4

Selected Works  (Eisenstein)                                                                  PN 1998 A3 E515 1988

St. James Film Directors Encyclopedia                                                    (REF) PN 1998.2 .S68 1998

St. James Women Filmmakers Encyclopedia: Women                              (REF) PN 1998.2. S683 1999

                  on the Other Side of the Camera

Timothy Asch and Ethnographic Film                                                      GN 21 .A83 T56 2004

Women Film Directors: An International Bio-Critical Dictionary                (REF) PN 1998.2 F67 1995

Additional Subject Headings:                                                               

Motion Picture Producers and Directors                                 Motion Picture Producers and Directors Biography

Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality

African American Films Though 1959: A Comprehensive,                        (REF) PN 1995.9 .N4 R54 1998

                  Illustrated Filmography

Biographical Handbook of Hispanics and United States Film                     (REF) PN 1995.9 H47 K46 1997

Cross Cultural Filmmaking: A Handbook for Making Documentary           GN 347 .B37 1997

                  and Ethnographic Film and Videos

Film Fatales: Independent Women Directors                                           PN 1998.2 R43 1997

Halliwell’s Who’s Who in the Movies                                                     (REF) PN 1993.45 .H3

Identities in Motion: Asian American Film and Video                               PN 1995.9 .A77 F46 2002

Mediating History: The MAP Guide to Independent Video by and            (REF) E 184 A1 M36 1992

                  About African American, Asian American, Latino

                  and Native American People

New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader                                                   PN 1995.9 .H55 N48 2004b

Shot in America: Television, the State, and the Rise of                             PN 1995.9 .N49 N69 2000

                  Chicano Cinema                                                                 

Struggles for Representation: African American Documentary                 PN 1995.9 .N4 S77 1999

                  Film and Video

Women in Film: An International Guide                                                   PN 1995.9 .W6 W658 1990


Animation Book: A Complete Guide to Animated Filmmaking                   TR 897.5 L39 1979

Digital Filmmaking: The Changing Art and Craft of Making                      TR 850 .O53 2000

                  Motion Pictures

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film                 PN 1995.9 .P7 W45 1996

                  and Television

Directors’ Method for Film and Television                                              PN 1995.9 P7 R5 1992

Figures Traced in Light: On Cinematic Staging                                        PN 1995.9 P7 B635 2005

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen              PN 1995.9 P7 K38 1991

Notes on the Cinematographer                                                               PN 1995 B7313 1986

Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations                                                                PN 218 .P6413 1977

Additional Subject Headings:

                  Motion Pictures Production and Direction                        Cinematography

International Film

Australian Film 1900-1977: A Guide to Feature Film Productions              PN 1993.5 A8 P5 1981

BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema                       PN 1993.5 .E2 B44 2000

BFI Companion to German Cinema                                                        PN 1993.5 .G3 B44 1999

Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North                            PN 1993.5 .A65 C66 2001

                  African Film

Encyclopedia of British Film                                                                   PN 1993.5 .G7 E53x 2003

Encyclopedia of Chinese Film                                                                 PN 1993.5 .C4 Z53 1998

Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema                                                              (REF) PN 1993.5 .I8 R277 1999b

Guide to the Cinema of Spain                                                                 PN 1993.5 S7 .D68 1997

Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland                                            PN 1993.5 .S8 Q86 2000

Guide to Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Made                     (REF) PN 1995.9 .L37 G85 1998

                  Film and Video

History of the French New Wave Cinema                                              PN 1993.5 .F7 N48 2002

Japanese Films: A Filmography and Commentary, 1921-1989                   PN 1993.5 J3 B78 1990

Oxford Companion to Australian Film                                                     (REF) PN 1993.5 .A8 O96 1999


American Directors                                                                               PN 1998 .A2 C657 1983

Biographical Dictionary of film                                                               PN 1998.2 .T49 1994

Chronicle of Cinema 1895-1995                                                              PN 1995.2 C48 1994

Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television                                             (REF) PN 2285 .C58

Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory                                     (REF)  PN 1993.45 .C75 2001

Dictionary of Film Terms                                                                       (REF) TR 847 B43 1983

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communication                         P 87.5. E532 2003

Film Encyclopedia                                                                                 PN 1993.45 .K34 1982

Film Handbook                                                                                      (REF) PN 1998.2 A64 1990

Film Studies Dictionary                                                                          (REF) PN 1993.45 .B49 2001

International Encyclopedia of Film                                                          (REF) PN 1993.45 .I5 1972

International Film, Television and Video Acronyms                                  PN 1993.45 .S76 1993

International Motion Picture Almanac                                                     (REF) PN 1993.3  .I55

New Biographical Dictionary of Film                                                      (REF)  PN 1998.2 .T49 2002

New Historical Dictionary of American Film Industry                              (REF) PN 1993.5 .U6 S539 1998

Silent Film Necrology: Births and Deaths of Over 9000                            PN 1998.2 V38 1995

                  Performers, Directors, Producers and Other

                  Filmmakers of the Silent Era Through 1993

Soundtracks: An International Dictionary                                                (MUS REF) ML 102 .M68 C73 1998

                  of Composers for Film

Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema: A Worldwide Survey                           (REF) PN 1998.2. W465 1996

Additional Subject Headings:                                                             

Motion Pictures Dictionaries                                                               Motion Pictures Encyclopedias


Afterimage TR 1 .A4x

American Film                                                                                      PN 09

American Historical Review                                                                  E 171 .A57

Camera Obscura                                                                                   (SPL) PN 1995.9 W6 C3x

Cineaste     PN 1993 .C5x

Cinema Journal                                                                                     PN 1993 .S62

Electronic Cinema Journals                                                          

Film Comment                                                                                       (SPL) PN 1993. F42x

Film Quarterly                                                                                       PN 1993 .H457

Independent Film and Video Monthly                                                      PN 1993. I617

International Motion Picture Almanac                                                     (REF) PN 1993.3 .I55

Journal of Film and Video                                                                      PN 1993 .U63

Journal of Popular Film and Television                                                    PN 1993.J66

Leonardo    N1 .L4x

Media History Project                                                                  

Moving Image                                                                             

New Film Index: A Bibliography of Magazine Articles in                         Z 5784 .M9 M29 1975


PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art                                                 PN 2000 .P47x

Quarterly Review of Film and Video                                                       PN 1993 .Q78x

Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals, 1930-1971                                  PN 1993 .B38x 1975

Screen: The Journal of the Society for Education                                    PN 1993 .S3x

in Film and Television                                                               

Screen World                                                                                        (SPC) PN 1993.3 .D3

Sight and Sound                                                                                     PN 1993 .S56

Variety International Film Guide                                                             PN 1993.3 I544

Variety Insider                                                                                      PN 1561 .V3

Velvet Light Trap                                                                                  PN 1993 .V44

Wide Angle PN 1993 .W48


American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures                                 (REF) PN 1998 .A57

                  Produced in the United States

CineFiles (Pacific Film Archives)                                                 

Educational Media Reviews Online                                              

Films in Review                                                                                    PN 1993. F6473 or

Film Review  (1945-1970)                                                                     PN 1993 .F624

Halliwell’s Film and Video Guide                                                           (REF) PN 1993.45 .H27

International Index to Film Periodicals                                                    (REF) PN 1993 .I57x

International Motion Picture Almanac                                                    (REF) PN 1993.3 .I55

Leonard Maltin’s Movie and Video Guide                                               PN 1992.8 .F5 L36 2002

Magill’s Cinema Annual                                                                        (REF) PN 1993.3 .M34

Magill’s Survey of Cinema: English Language Films                                (REF) PN 1993.45 .M3

Magill’s Survey of Cinema: Silent Films                                                  (REF) PN 1995.75 .M33 1982

Motion Picture Guide                                                                             (REF)  PN 1995 .N346

New York Times Film Reviews                                                             (REF) PN 1995.N4

Media Review Digest                                                                     or Z 5784 .M9 M85

Movie Review Query Engine                                                       

New York Times Movie Reviews                                                

Review of the Arts: Film and Television                                                 Microform NX 1 .R481x

Variety’s Film Reviews                                                                        (REF) PN 1993 .V36

Additional Subject Headings:

motion pictures reviews                                                           film criticism   


Film Literature Index                                                                             (REF) PN 1993. F616x

International Film Index, 1895-1990                                                        (REF) PN 1998 .I58x 1991

International Index to Film Periodicals                                                    (REF) PN 1993 .I57x

Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals,1930-1971                                  (REF) PN 1993 B38x 1975


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