Recording Booth Reservations

The Recording Booth may be reserved by anyone eligible to check out media materials from the Media and Reserve Library. See the Recording Booth Information page for more information and to check availability.

Reservations must be requested at least 4 hours before your desired use. Reservations cannot be confirmed during the weekend or evening hours, but walk in requests are available for all times that are not reserved.

Your Information:


UWM/Other Email:


  • Space for use to record/rehearse speeches, conduct online or phone interviews, record audiovisual presentations or other similar projects.

  • The Booth Cannot be used as a quiet study space or music rehearsal space

  • 1 reservation per week is allowed, with a 4 hour maximum time.

Day & Time:


From: Until:


Confirmation for this request will come in the form of an Email to the account you have provided above.

New room schedules will be printed once a day to be placed outside the public door to the Recording Booth.

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Beth Traylor,
Media Librarian

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