UW System Borrowing

As of August 1, 2002, UWM students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to borrow books and other materials directly from other University of Wisconsin System Libraries through the library's online catalog, PantherCat. UW System Borrowing allows library users to request, borrow and return materials from any participating library within the UW System. Materials borrowed may be returned to any UW System Library. Users may track all borrowing activities in real time through their PantherCat Personal Record.

The UW Libraries have agreed on common circulation periods, with a 28 day checkout period for most materials. Media such as videotapes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs circulate for 14 days.



1) Go to the Library's Online Catalog
2) Click on the UW-System Search button at the top of the screen
3) Choose the UW System Borrowing library catalog(s) you wish to search.
     For ONE campus library's catalog - Click on the campus name.
     For ALL campus library catalogs - Click on All UW Borrowing Libraries.
          (Note: Connection is slow)
     For SEVERAL campus library catalogs - Hold down the CTRL key
           and click on the individual campus names to simultaneously search
           their library catalogs.
4) Click on the Connect button.


To search for videotapes use the search type Keyword (and,or,not) with the search strategy
     "and videorecording"
          Example: history and videorecording

To search for dvds use the search type Keyword (and,or,not) with the search strategy
     "and dvd"
          Example: history and dvd

To search for cd-roms use the search type Keyword (and,or,not) with the search strategy
     "and cd-rom" in quotes.
          Example: history and "cd-rom"


For a single library catalog search - Click on the individual title(s) to display the record.

For a multiple library catalog search - When the search status displays DONE with the number of records found for all of the libraries, Click on the SHOW button.


NOTE: You MUST be in the full record of the item you want to recall/request.

  1. Click on the Recall/Request button at the top of the screen.
  2. Type in your 11 digit UWM ID# (this will not display).
  3. Type in your last name.
  4. Click on the Login button.
  5. Choose the "UW System Borrowing Request " option and click on OK.
  6. Type in your 11 digit UW-Milwaukee ID# number on the WebVoyage Request Form.
  7. Choose the Library you want to make the request from.
  8. If the title has more than one part or volume, choose the part or volume that you want. Each part or volume MUST be requested individually.
  9. If you would like to pick up the title at a different UW System library rather than UW-Milwaukee change the Pick Up Library to the appropriate library.
  10. The Pickup at option MUST remain Circulation Desk-Main.
  11. Indicate the number of days that the title is Not Needed After.
  12. Click on the Submit Request button.
    NOTE: The message "Your Request was successful" will appear on the screen if your request was completed. The message "There are no circulating items available to satisfy your UB Borrowing Request" means that either the title does not circulate or all of the copies are checked out. Locate another copy from a different campus library and submit a new U.W. B. request.
  13. Click on the Logoff button.

Please allow several days for processing and transit of materials.


To check on the status of the items you have requested:
     1) Click on the Personal Record button at the top of the screen.
     2) Login to your personal record:
          a) Type in your 11 digit UWM ID# (this will not display)
          b) Type in your last name
          c) Click on the Login button. The computer will display your record with the Recalls/Requests Pending.
     3) To exit your personal record click on the Logoff button.