Information Literacy Activities

These activities were developed by a group of librarians at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in order to promote the teaching of Information Literacy as part of the instruction program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The activities correspond to the competencies developed by the Information Literacy Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Libraries. The text of the competencies can be viewed at The activities feature active learning exercises and tools to assess student learning. Faculty and librarians from other institutions are welcome to use these activities. Microsoft Word files have been provided which may be modified to suit specific needs. Please sign our guestbook to indicate which activities you will be using or for any comments. For more information, contact Molly Susan Mathias.

Acitivities arranged by WAAL Competency

WAAL Competency Keywords Activity Title link to pdf link to doc web form
1.1 sources, types of resources Selecting appropriate information sources activity word file assessment form
1.2 topic narrowing, topic definition Narrowing your topic activity word file assessment form
2.2 scholarly journal, popular magazines Scholarly journal characteristics activity word file

assessment form

2.2, 2.3 scholarly journals, popular magazines Scholarly vs. Popular activity word file assessment form
3.4 keywords, synonyms Thinking of keywords activity word file assessment form
3.4 keywords, synonyms, narrower, broader, related Finding Keywords activity word file
3.4 keywords, synonyms, related terms Identifying Keywords activity word file
3.5 boolean operators, keyword searching, nesting Basic Keyword Searching activity word file assessment form
4.3 citations, references Understanding Citations activity word file assessment form
6.1, 6.2, 6.3 web evaluation, web sites, evaluation criteria Evaluating Web Sites activity word file
10.3 censorship, intellectual freedom, banning, blocking Considering intellectual freedom and censorship activity word file assessment form

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