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The following list begins with facsimile editions of illuminated Hebrew manuscripts and then includes selected other facsimiles of particular relevance to Jewish Studies located in Special Collections.

Illuminated Hebrew manuscripts (Facsimiles)

These full and accurate facsimiles of important and well known Illuminated Hebrew manuscripts are available for viewing in Special Collections.

Passover Haggadot

The Barcelona Haggadah: an Illuminated Passover Compendium from 14th-century Catalonia in Facsimile. London: Facsimile Editions, 1992.
(BKRT)  BM674.63.B37x 1992

Rich illustrations in this haggadah provide a window into late medieval Spanish cultural life. The original is in the British Museum, London.

A two volume limited edition set, volume two is the haggadah facsimile itself and volume one contains commentary, notes and translations. Translations of poems and Targunim are by Raphael Loewe; commentary by Malachi Beit-Arial, et al.  Edited by Jeremy Schonfield.

The Copenhagen Haggadah: (Facsimile). New York: Rizzoli International  Publications; Tel Aviv: Nahan, 1987, c1986.
(SPL) BM675 P4 Z5234 1987 

This famous illustrated work was created in 1739 in Altona-Hamburg. The original is owned by the Royal Danish Library and the Jewish Community of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ladino and Yiddish rubrics are included.

The Moss Haggadah. Berkeley, California: Bet Alpha
Editions, 2000.
(BKRT FOL) BM675.P4 Z55576 2000

American/Israeli artist David Moss was privately commissioned in 1980 to create this masterful haggadah. He spent three years researching and crafting the work.

This revised facsimile edition “consists of a full color reprinting of the original manuscript Haggadah together with the Artist’s commentary written for the limited edition facsimile and adapted for this edition.” (Title page verso) It is accompanied by an English translation and a paper-cut print of “The bird cage” from the original work.

The Rothschild Haggadah: a Passover Compendium from the Rothschild Miscellany. London: Facsimile Editions ; Jerusalem: Israel Museum, c2000.
(BKRT)BM674.643 .S36x 2000

Originating in 15th century Italy, this elaborately illustrated Haggadah is part of the Rothschild Miscellany currently owned by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

This two volume set, is part of a limited edition of 550 copies. The companion volume includes translations by Raphael Loewe and Jeremy Schonfield.

The Rylands Haggadah: a Medieval Sephardi Masterpiece in Facsimile. New York:Abrams, 1988.
(BKRT) BM675 P4 Z5265 1988

Originally created in 14th century Spain (Catalonia), this reproduction includes a full-color facsimile of Rylands Hebrew Ms. 6 in the Department of Manuscripts, John Rylands University Library of Manchester, as well as commentary and hymns in English and Hebrew. Also entitled Hagadah shel Pesach.

The Sarajevo Haggadah. (Text: “The Sarajevo Haggadah and Its Significance in the History of Art,” by Cecil Roth.1967).Beograd, "Jugoslavija", 1966.
(SPL) BM675 P4 A3 1966a

The original, from early 14th century Spain, is in the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. This edition is “published on the occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of the arrival of the Jews to Bosnia and Herzegovina.” The original of this text survived World War II only by being hidden by the Sarajevo Museum’s director from Nazi confiscation.

This edition includes the text “The Sarajevo Haggadah and its significance in the history of art,” by Cecil Roth.

Seder Hagadah Shel Pesach. [“The Golden Haggadah”] London: Eugrammia Press, 1970.
(BKRT) BM675 P4 N35

Widely known as the Golden Haggadah because of its extensive use of gold leaf as background in its miniature paintings, the original is held by the British Library. The work was created in 14th century northern Spain, in the area of Barcelona. This edition is limited to 520 copies.

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Other Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts

The Kennicott Bible. London: Facsimile Editions, 1985. (2 volumes).
(Rare) BS715.5 K46 1985

Volume 1 is a full-color facsimile of a manuscript Hebrew Bible written in 1476 and illustrated by Joseph Ibn Ḥayyim.  The original is now in the Bodleian Library. This facsimile, like the original manuscript, is bound into its box.

Volume 2, with commentary and explanation, is subtitled: An introduction by Bezalel Narkiss and Aliza Cohen-Mushlin.

Maimonides, Moses. Codex Maimuni, Moses Maimonides' Code of Law: the Illuminated Pages of the Kaufmann Mishneh Torah. Budapest: Corvina, c1984.
(FOL) BM520.84 A2 1984

This facsimile of medieval French illuminated manuscript presents selected pages from this multi-volume set. The original is part of the Kaufmann Collection in the Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest.

North French Hebrew Miscellany: British Library Add. MS 11639. London: Facsimile Editions, 2003.
(BKRT) BM180.N67x 2003

Written and illustrated in late thirteenth century northern France, this work is widely considered one the finest French Hebrew manuscripts. Exquisite full-page miniatures in Gothic style are prominent. The miscellany contains over eighty distinct groups of texts, including Bible and Haftorot, daily prayers, liturgy for all holidays, piyutim and legal formularies.

The edition consists of two volumes, the manuscript facsimile and a companion, and is part of a limited edition of 360 copies.

Parma Psalter: Cod. De Rossi 510, Parm. 1870, Biblioteca Palatina in Parma : [a Hebrew psalter with commentary of Abraham Ibn Ezra]. London: Facsimile Editions, 1996.
(BKRT) BS1420 .P39 1996.

The psalter includes texts for various religious services and ceremonies, the psalms and Ibn Ezra’s 11th century commentary on the psalms. The original, a thirteenth century Italian work, is held by the Palatina Library in Parma, Italy.

This edition is limited to 550 copies.

A companion volume containing commentary and translations is written by Malachi Beit-Arie’, Therese Metzger and Emanuel Silver.

Perek Shirah.  Pereḳ Shirah: Kol ha-Omer be-Khol Yom.London: Facsimile Editions, 1996.
(BKRT) BM675.P6 Z527 1996

This is a full color facsimile “British Library ms. Oriental 12983, the
work of scribe Aaron Schreiber Herlingen around the 1740’s and one of many different ms. versions of the Perek shirah.” Text is in Hebrew and Yiddish. Perek shirah is itself a tenth century song of praise to the Creator of the natural world.

This edition is limited to 550 copies.

The companion commentary volume is by Malachai Beit-Arie’, Jeremy Schonfield and Emile Schrijver.

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Illustrated Catalogs

Gold, Leonard Singer, ed. Sign and a Witness: 2,000 Years of Hebrew Books and Illuminated Manuscripts. New York: New York Public Library:  Oxford University Press, c1988.
(SPL) Z115.4 S54 1988

Includes full-page colored illustrations. Published in conjunction with an international exhibition, held at the New York Public Library, Oct. 15, 1988-Jan. 14, 1989.

Narkiss, Bezalel. Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts. Forward by Cecil Roth. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia Judaica; New York: Macmillan, 1969.
(SPL) ND2935 N3

Contains sixty Hebrew illuminated manuscript plates in full color, surveying important works held by museums and libraries worldwide.

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Additional Jewish Studies facsimiles

The Alba Bible. La Biblia de Alba: an Illustrated Manuscript Bible in Castilian. Madrid: Fundación Amigos de Sefarad,1992.
(Rare) BS998 1992

Originally completed in 1430, this work is notable not only for its over 300 illuminated miniatures, but for its history. Rabbi Moses Arragel was commanded by Church official Don Luis de Guzman to oversee the translation of the Bible into Castilian, directly from the Hebrew, along with commentary from a Jewish perspective. The project was conceived by Guzman as a means to facilitate understanding of Jewish religious thought at a time of much anti-Jewish sentiment.

This facsimile edition was commissioned to commemorate Spain’s 1992 official repeal of its 1492 expulsion of the Jews, and its deliberate gestures of reconciliation for past history. The two volume set is part of a limited edition of 500 copies.

The original is in the Library of the Palacio de Liria in Madrid.

Arkevolty, Shmuel. Ma’yan gamin. Jerusalem: Kedem, 1972.
(SPL) PJ4765 A7x 1533a

Printed facsimile of 1533 Venice edition.

Bible-Hagriographa: Codex Berlin Or. Qu. 680. New York: Jewish Theological Seminary. 1972.
(SPL) BS1308 A23  B47

A limited edition facsimile of one of the earliest extant Hebrew Bible manuscripts, “of particular importance due to its ancient Babylonian text, massorah and vocalisation."

Collection of Sephardi piyyutim: Codes Guenzburg, Moscow. Jerusalem: Makor, 1978.  BM670 P5 O83

Facsimile edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Washington, D.C.:
Biblical Archaeology Society, 1991.
(SPL) BM487 A05 1991

A 2 volume set with introduction in English.

Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir. Perush R. Avraham Ibn Ezra ’al ha-Torah : ketav yad Vatikan (Vat. Ebr. 38). Jerusalem: Makor, 1974.
(SPL) BS1225 I32 1974

A limited facsimile edition, which includes an introduction in English, of Ibn Ezra’s 12th century commentary to the Chumash.

Ibn Gaon, Shem Tov ben Abraham. Sefer Badei Aaron and Migdal Hananel. Jerusalem: Makor, 1978.
(SPL) BM525

An important kabbalistic work, originating in the early 14th century.

Kit’e Genizah shel Mishnah, Talmud u-Midrash. Jerusalem: Hotsa’at Makor, 1973.
(SPL) Z6605 H4 K58

Limited edition facsimile of Genizah fragments of Rabbinical literature. Palestinian vocalization.

Midrash Bereshit Rabbah: ketav yad Vatkian 30. (Vat. Ebr. 30).
Jerusalem: Makor, 1970. 
(SPL) BM517 M6 1970

Also known as Bereshit rabba, Cod Vat 30.

Mishna Codex Paris: Paris 328-329. Jerusalem: Makor, 1973.
(SPL) BM545 M5 1509a

Limited facsimile edition of one of four early manuscripts containing the whole Mishnah text, it has a unique vocalization. Includes commentary by Maimonides. Introduction in Hebrew and English.

Osef Kit’e ha-Genizah shel ha-Mishnah be-nikud bavli. Jerusalem: Makor,1974.
(SPL)BM497.2 Y44

Pentateuch: A Yemenite manuscript …in accordance with the Yemenite tradition. Jerusalem: Makor, 1978.
(SPL) BS315 .A623 1978

In 3 volumes.

Sefardi Mahzor for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur from the Year 1320; Ms. Parma, De Rossi 860.
BM670P5 K5x

This 3 volume set includes also piyutim for Special Sabbaths and fast days.

Targum Onkelos to the Pentateuch. Jersualem: Makor, 1976.
(FOL) BS1224 A7 1976

In 4 volumes.

Torah, Nevi’im u-Khetuvim. Vatikan ms. Urbinati 2. Jerusalem: Makor, 1979-1980.
(SPL) BS715.5 .U73 1979

Library has volumes 1-4 of 6 volume set.

Torat Kohanim (Sifra) Seder Eliyahu Rabbah ve-zutaJerusalem: Makor, 1972
(SPL) BM517 S6 1972

Seder Hagadah shel Pesaḥ (The Venice Hagaddah.) Jerusalem:
Maḳor, 1974.
(FOL) BM675.P4 Z5278x 1974

A facsimile of the famous and influential 1609 edition, one of the earliest printed illustrated haggadot.

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