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General Information

The Great Books Roundtable Discussions are sponsored by UWM's Certificate Program in the Study of the Liberal Arts through Great Books, and are hosted by the Special Collections Department at UWM’s Golda Meir Library.

The Roundtable meets approximately once a month in Special Collections on the fourth floor of
the Golda Meir Library from 7 - 9 p.m. A list of titles for 2013-2014, as well as an index of previous readings, are posted on the Special Collections web site. The readings selected for
the discussions are relatively brief: short stories, poetry, essays, short plays, philosophical arguments, pivotal historical documents, selections from longer works, etc. Any version of a text may be used to prepare for a discussion.


The discussions are open to all members of the UWM and Milwaukee communities—students, faculty, staff, friends, and neighbors. No expertise or prerequisites are required. We only ask
that you read the selected text. Undergraduates from all Milwaukee institutions and members
of the general community are especially welcomed to participate.


There is no lecture or presentation. A moderator begins the discussion with a broad question about the text; thereafter the discussion is allowed to grow spontaneously among the participants. The only rule is that comments must be aimed at gaining an understanding of
the meaning of the text at hand. Discussions begin promptly at 7 p.m. and end promptly at 9 p.m.


Part of the purpose of the Great Books Roundtable Discussions is to illustrate the pedagogical method of shared inquiry. Another purpose is to disseminate an understanding and appreciation
of the philosophy of great books education on the UWM campus. It is the assertion of the Great Books Program that its methodology and philosophical approach toward the study of foreign languages, mathematics, history, and great books offers a challenging, meaningful, and useful Liberal Arts education.

Special Collections serves as host for the Roundtable Discussions in support of the Great Books Program’s educational goals. Special Collections’ programs, services, and policy of free, open, and equal access to all its collections have close affinities to the Great Books Program’s vision of a vigorous Liberal Arts education and its method of shared inquiry.


For more information about the Roundtable Discussion series or its venue, contact:

David Mulroy
Director, Certificate Program in the Study of the Liberal Arts through Great Books
Curtin Hall 805
(414) 229-4711


Max Yela
Head, Special Collections
UWM Libraries, 4th Floor
(414) 229-4345

Special Collections Online Exhibits of Interest

The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations

The Infancy of Printing: Incunabula at the Golda Meir Library

In addition, since his works appear destined to be the subject of Great Books discussions in the future, Special Collections offers a retrospective exhibit of the works of celebrated Israeli author Amos Oz -- AMOS OZ: Writing the Israeli Paradox.

For other online Special Collections exhibits, please visit our Exhibits page.

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