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Joseph Exon.
A Paraphrase Upon the Hard Texts of the Whole Divine Scripture: Genesis, Cap. IA Plaine and Familiar Explication (By Way of Paraphrase) of All the Hard Texts of the Whole Divine Scripture of the Old and New Testament. London: Miles Flesher, 1633.
Call Number: (SPL) BS 549 .H3x
Special Collections, Golda Meir Library

A paraphrase Bible was meant to expound on selected difficult texts. This paraphrase Bible furnishes commentary and interpretation without any of the original text. It represents the attempt to make the Bible more accessible to the average reader, and to condense the vast work into a more manageable format. Before the Reformation, such efforts to modify the text would have been condemned as heretical, but following the Reformation, it became imperative to make the Biblical text comprehensible to the layman as well as clergy.

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