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Words of the Teacher: Selections from Ecclesiastes. Designed, edited, and illustrated with wood engravings by Margaret Sunday. [Greeley, Colo.]: Caddis Case Press, 1992.
Call Number: (BKRT) BS 1473 1992
Special Collections, Golda Meir Library

The fool folds his hands, and eats his own flesh.

Limited to an edition of 60 copies signed by the printer. Printed on Sakamoto paper from handset Gill Sans monotype with Helvetica figures. The illustrations were designed and printed by Margaret Sunday from endgrain blocks cut with burins.

Sunday's selection, editing, illustration, and presentation of King Solomon's "Words of the Teacher" recover the texture of this ancient text's Eastern origins, revealing a spiritual affinity that is closer to the Tao Tse Ching than to the Western biblical tradition.

Margaret Sunday is proprietor of Caddis Case Press, currently in Greeley, Colorado. She received her MFA from UW-Madison, where she was a student of Walter Hamady, and her MA in Art and Art History from the University of Iowa, where she worked with Kim Merker. As a wood engraver she did the illustrations for the critically acclaimed Iowa Center for the Book production of Amy Clampitt's Manhattan. Words of the Teacher was hand-bound by Caroline Gilderson-Duwe, another graduate of the UW-Madison program, and the Preservation Librarian for the Golda Meir Library.

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