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The Puddocks; A Verse Play in Scots from the Greek of Aristophanes by Douglas Young. Second Edition. Makarsbield, Scotland: D. Young, 1958.
Call Number: (RARE) PA 3878 .C52 P8x 1958
Special Collections, Golda Meir Library

This is a Scottish translation of The Frogs by Aristophanes, signed by the translator. Translator David Young wrote of this translation:

Scotch whisky undiluted passes the lips of many keen connoisseurs all over the world every day and night, but the Scots language, in contemporary mouths, is increasingly diluted with standard English or popular American infusions. Yet hundreds and thousands of distinctive Scots expressions remain colloquially alive, used or recognized by most of the 5,000,000 folk in Scotland, however indifferent they may be to literature in general and the traditional literary status of the Scots language. Though plays of Aristophanes have more than enough theatrical vitality to come over successfully to modern audiences in English, Italian and other contemporary vernaculars, the attempt seems not to have been previously made to render his Attic salt into an undiluted Scots comparable to neat Scotch.

The play was very successful in Scotland, though it seemed Americans and British theatre-goers could only make out around 60-80% of the dialogue. Among those commenting on the text was T.S. Eliot, who wrote, "A most delightful piece of work. Aristophanes seems to fit extraordinarily well into the Scots language."

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