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Chaucer, Geoffrey, 1340?-1400.
The Woorkes of Geffrey Chaucer: Newlie Printed, With Diuers Addicions, Which were Never in Printe Before: With the Siege and Destruccion of the Worthy Citee of Thebes, Compiled by Jhon Lidgate. London: Jhon Kyngston for Jhon Wight, 1561.
Call Number: (RARE) PR 1850 1561x
Special Collections, Golda Meir Library

The Knightes tale (illustration)

This edition of the collected works of Chaucer was issued in two formats, one containing woodcut illustrations for each tale in The Canterbury Tales and the other containing only one woodcut (shown) for the Knight's Tale. This copy is of the second variety.

The work was edited by John Stow, a tailor by trade and connoisseur of English poetry. Much of the work in this edition, however, is ascribed to previous Chaucer editor, William Thynne, except for the addition of several new poems that Stow attributed to Chaucer, and one poem by John Lydgate. The true origin of many of these poems is unknown, and scholars cannot say with certainty whether they were written by Chaucer.

While the text of this edition offers little that is new to the transmission or interpretation of Chaucer, it is most likely the edition by which William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and other Elizabethan authors knew Chaucer.

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