One of the Third Reich’s primary grievances with the state of the world was the rise of capitalist economies. Among these was the United States, although it was not until the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the subsequent American declaration of war on Japan that the Nazis viewed the United States as an enemy and declared war.

German literature about the United States written prior to 1942 is largely ambivalent, although at times it does become quite critical. There is never outright praise, but rather an evaluation of the United States, its influence on world politics, and the relationship between the two nations.

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Heinz Halter
Der polyp von New York. Dresden: F. Müller, 1942.

Colin Ross
Unser Amerika. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1941.

Originally published in 1936, Unser Amerika translates as “Our America.” This volume describes in great detail the role Germans played in the colonization, creation, and formation of the United States of America.

Adolf Halfeld
USA greift in die Welt. Hamburg: Broschek & Co., 1941.

Adolf Halfeld uses the text of this book to express his views on American politics, history, and economics. American institutions and their influence on the world are discussed extensively.