Preface:  The Shape and Color of Research

The genesis of this exhibition was inspired by the work of Milwaukee photographer and painter Steven Sellars. Steven spent several weeks in Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) conducting image research. Fascinated by his investigations of the imagery found in seventeenth-century natural history publications, I decided to put out a general call, and issue a challenge, to other Milwaukee-area artists, inviting them to conduct their own research on a topic of their choice that could be supported by the resources in Special Collections. The research could take any form--visual, conceptual, literary, historical, technical--and could make use of any one or combination of resources from our broad collections. The challenge to them was to create at least one original work in any medium based on that research. Over a two-year period many artists responded to the call. The fourteen artists represented in this exhibition catalog successfully completed work based on their research. Their responses to their studies are as varied as the resources they used and their own individual perspectives.

Sellars, L'ennui I

leeuwenhoek, Arcana Naturae Detecta

Sellars, L'ennui II

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