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Request for a Workshop, Lecture, or Presentation

Specialized workshops, lectures, and presentations are offered by Special Collections Librarian
Max Yela
. These sessions are available to the UWM community and to other educational and cultural organizations. A commensurate fee for this service may be established depending on
venue and purpose. Presentations can be tailored to your specific audience or may be chosen
from several standard presentations.

To request a special presentation, please complete the following form. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.

Information about You

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Information about the Venue/Audience

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Purpose of Workshop, Lecture, or Presentation*
Please tell us about the reason you are holding this presentation, e.g., is it associated with another event, is it part of a series, is it part of a panel, is it a training tool, are there specific outcomes desired, etc.?

Preferred Dates*
Please indicate your preferred dates for the presentation.

Presentation Topics*
You may choose from one of several standard presentations below, or you may describe the kind of presentation you are interested in the text box below.
“The Book as Art Media”
“Media and Culture”
“Artists Books as Classroom Pedagogy”
“Communication Standards in Medieval Manuscripts”
“Decorative Traditions in Insular and Carolingian Manuscripts”
“The History and Presence of the Book in Western Culture”
“The Relevance of Books in a Digital Age”
“Rare Books and Special Collections in the 21st Century”
“Thinking about and Looking at Books as Art” (workshop)
“Simple Structures and Binding Techniques” (workshop)
“Book Magic: One-Page Wonders, Flutter Books, and Flexagons” (Grades 3-8 workshop)

Other Topics or Extra Information
Please use the text box below to describe another topic or format you would like covered, or elaborate on specific needs or interests for the standard presentation you selected above. You may also use this box to convey any other added information or to ask questions. For more ideas about potential topics, go to Max Yela’s Curriculum vita, and scroll down to “Presentations & Lectures.”

We will respond as soon as possible to confirm the appointment and/ or to discuss further details.