Bibliographies for past Fromkin Lectures

Three Strikes: Female, Substance-Using, and in Jail (2007)

Illegal Minds:Denizenship and the Access of Undocumented Students to Public Higher Education (2006)

Starving for Revolution: The Milwaukee Black Panther Party's Struggle to Feed the Hungry (2005)

Socialism in the City: The Original “Milwaukee Idea” (2004)

The City Upon the Hill… In the Dale, and On the Belt: From the Three Greenbelt Towns, Lessons for Today’s Community Builders (2003)

The Fairer Sex in the Ivory Tower: Factors Influencing Social Justice for Women in Academia: The Results of a National Survey (2000)

The CORE of James Farmer: Humanist, Freedom Warrior (1999)

Dorothy Enderis: The Lady of the Lighted Schoolhouse (1998)

Replacing Welfare with Work in the WPA: The Handicraft Project that Made Milwaukee Famous (1997)

'Forward' Women: Winning the Wisconsin Campaign for the Country's First Equal Rights Amendment, 1921 (1995)

The Political Legacy of Golda Meir (1994)

Crisis Papers: Southern Editorial Leaders in the Civil Rights Struggle (1991)


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