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Cover of "Special Nurse,: by Lucy Agnes Hancock. 1950.Archive of Nurse Romance Cover of the Week

Week of August 17-23, 2007

“Oh ye-ah? Well, let me tell you something, pal. First and last, at head and heart, whether you acknowledge it or not, you’re a woman-a female of the species- a congenital winner of hearts – born to be the wife of one man and the mother of others. Don’t you try to flimflam me, Pam Ware. I’ve heard the wolf calls that follow your passing. You can’t escape, my friend, no matter what kind of protective front you put up. For Pete’s sake, let’s go get a bite someplace, I’m starved.”

-- Excerpt from Special Nurse, by Lucy Agnes Hancock (1950).


From a gift of over 425 nurse romance novels from Leslie Bellavance.

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