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Cover of "Paper Halo," by Kate Norway. 1971.Archive of Nurse Romance Cover of the Week

Week of August 31 - September 6, 2007

“ ‘Now don’t be that way!’ He took his hand away from the trolley and patted me on my gluteus maximus muscles.  I stiffend from head to foot, but he didn’t notice that. ‘You know I want you to come.’ He repeated the pat, only this time his hand lingered.

I stopped walking at one. ‘Don’t do that!’

‘What? Oh, that.’ He did it again…

I breatherd deeply. ‘I’m supposed to be a nurse.  You’re supposed to be a doctor.  Perhaps you could manage a little method acting and play it that way? Scene, a hopsital corridor, in case you’ve forgotten.’

After that he sulked, and let me push the trolley by myslef.  ‘Quite,’ he told my back. ‘And that thing on your head is supposed to be a cap, a paper one at that, not a ruddy halo.  What a little prig you are, Clare.  I don’t know why any of us bother.’ ”  (p.30)

-- Excerpt from Paper Halo, by Kate Norway. (1971)


From a gift of over 425 nurse romance novels from Leslie Bellavance.

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