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Cover of "Nurse Marcie's Island, by Arlene Hale, 1964. Archive of Nurse Romance Cover of the Week

Week of July 11-17, 2008

He [Dr. Ainsworth] kissed her again.  Without knowing exactly why or how, her arms slid around his neck.  At last, he let her go. 
“But we don’t get along,” she gasped.  “You can hardly tolerate me in the office.  Half the time, you’re not even civil— ”

“This isn’t the office.  This is off hours, remember?  Maybe it’s that red dress.  Maybe it’s you.  You’re different out of uniform, just as I’m different out of the office.”  (p. 67)

-- Excerpt from Nurse Marcie’s Island, by Arlene Hale, 1964.

From a gift of over 425 nurse romance novels from Leslie Bellavance.

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