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2014 UWM Gives to . . . UWM Libraries! Gift/Pledge Confirmation
Digitization Project Request Form
Gift Acknowledgment Forms
    Gift Acknowledgment Form (October 2008)
    AGSL Form (October 2008)
    Archives Form (November 2008)
    Curriculum Library Form (October 2008)
    Media Library Form (October 2008)
    Music Library Form (October 2008)
    Special Collections Form (October 2008)
Leave Request Form, [vacation, timeoff, scheduled sick time, ...] Word format
Libraries online access request forms (LAN and Voyager, add/update/remove)
Loan of Collections [Lending Procedure] [Application and Agreement Form]
Medical Emergency Contact Form
Staff Development Committee (SDC) information,
   Request for Conference, Meeting, and other Work-Related Funds
   view SDC information using Adobe Reader [information]
    Out of State Travel Request
    Requesting Funds and/or Time Off for Professional Development, May 2008
    Staff Development Committee Procedures, updated August 2008
    UWM Libraries Request for Work-Related Funds and/or Time Off,(July 2012)  Word format
    UWM Libraries Policies and Procedures for Requesting Funds and/or Time Off for Professional Development, updated August 2008
     Supply Request Form, Every Day stuff, Sept 2010 [Note: file is an Excel spreadsheet to download or open]
     Large Item One Time Request Form [Note: file is an Excel spreadsheet to download or open]
Release form for use of photos, video, audio and media
Teaching/overload form
Travel Expense Report (TER) [Campus form]
UWM Libraries copies request form, June 2012
UWM Libraries Incident Report form
Work Schedule - Fall 2013/14, Word format
Workstation Login Registration


Committees 2013/2014, Feb.2014, view using Adobe Reader [information]
Contacts Program (UWM Libraries) [LibGuide]
CUWL Committee Reports from February 24th 2014 meeting.
    within the Libraries
    on Campus
USB keys, information on, view using Adobe Reader [information]
UWM WiFi Service Options [Campus]

Library Information:

Bindery Delivery Schedule, view using Adobe Reader [information]
Database Trials [LibGuide]
Friends of the Golda Meir Library FAQ Guide
Libraries e-Letterhead, Microsoft Office Word format
Libraries logos (in .tif format)
   (may need plug-in to view in Browser)
   (can not be viewed in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer)

    Black and White
Libraries newsletters
    External newsletter
    Internal newsletter

Payroll Information [UWM Business Office]
      Payroll Forms
       Classified Payroll
      Unclassified Payroll
       Student Payroll

      Legal Holidays, 2012,   2013,   2014
        UWM Furlough Guidelines
        UWM state budget website
Staff Room Scheduling via pantherLINK Calendar System, view using Adobe Reader [information]

Statistics[database use, browse]
Telephone Dialing Instructions, carrier change as of July 2012
Technical Services Techmanual Not available from off campus.
UWM Libraries Strategic Plan

Library Reorganization 2010:

All Staff Meeting Jan 21, 2010
Planning & Management Council
Reorg Survey, last modified 5/9/2011
Reorg Summary (Excel) , last modified 7/4/2011


Minutes of Meetings of LSAC, DHG, LAG/EC/ELC, PMC, PSG, RIS, Web redesign/Web Advisory, MPC, Learning Commons survey, Positively Golda log sheet, view using Adobe Reader [information]

Policies and Guidelines:

Academic Staff Promotion Policy view using Adobe Reader [information]
Cell Phone Use
Guidelines for Appliances Brought into the Library Building
Emergency/Don't Come to Work Phone Tree view using Adobe Reader [information]
LibGuides Standards, April 2011 [LibGuide]
Libraries Lost and Found Policy, September 2012
Library Computer Workstation Use Policy, rev April 2010
    Workstation Login Registration
Plans for Staff Shortages, 2013 view using Adobe Reader [information]
Policy for connecting personal Laptops to the Libraries Network
Public Lockers policy
Records retention, disposal, handling [Library General Records Schedule, Univ. of Wisconsin System, April 2008], view using Adobe Reader [information]
Scented Products Guideline
Staff Biographical Pages Guidelines
Telecommuting Policy for UWM Libraries
    Telecommuting Request Form
      (to be submitted to your immediate supervisor)
    Telecommuting Agreement Form
       (to be used once telecommuting request is approved)
    Telecommuting FAQ
User Rights and Responsiblilties, December 2012
Volunteer Policies for the Libraries view using Adobe Reader [information]
Special Needs Accomodations, view using Adobe Reader [information]


ALA Brown Bag Aug. 20 2012 - IFLA, in PowerPoint
Library presentation given for the Chancellor, October 2004, in .html format
UWM Libraries Director's PowerPoint Presentation given at the July 2007 Staff Meeting
UWM Libraries Director's PowerPoint Presentation given at the October 2008 Staff Meeting
UWM Libraries Director's PowerPoint Presentation given at the June 1 2009 Staff Meeting
All Staff Meeting January 21, 2010
All Staff Meeting August 18, 2010, PowerPoint Presentation
All Staff Meeting July 26, 2011, PowerPoint Presentation
All Staff Meeting July 23, 2012, PowerPoint Presentation
All Staff Meeting October 3, 2013, PowerPoint Presentation
All Staff Meeting February 17, 2014, PowerPoint Presentation



Safety & Security Information:

Bomb Threats, form and instructions, view using Adobe Reader [information]
Disaster Response Plan, February 2006
Emergency Evacuation Plan, February 2012, view using Adobe Reader [Information]
Response to Subpoenas, Search Warrants, or Other Official Requests for Confidential Information, view using Adobe Reader [information]
Safety Equipment Maps (emergency phones, 'panic buttons', motion censors, cameras)
Safety and Emergency Guidelines, August 2011, view using Adobe Reader [information]
Security, computers, viruses, ID theft (I&MT info)

Staff Information:

Department Phone List
Staff Directory
UWM Libraries Staff Association
    2011 Staff Association Committee, with e-mail links
    Staff Association Bylaws, 2007
Telecommuting Staff, Jan 2014
UWM Libraries Student Employee Guide

Staff Training:

UWM Libraries Staff Training Portal A collection of library staff training and development resources and opportunities



  Academic Calendar
Employee Workplace Violence, Campus Policy on [must be viewed using a PDF viewer]
Payroll Information [UWM Business Office]
Benefits Information , [UWM Dept of Human Resources]
Security, computers and ID theft
UWM Information Security, [UWM Information Security Office]
Staff Benefits Information, [UWM Dept of Human Resources]
UWM Travel Dept Overview
Travel Expense Report Forms, List of available forms, UWM BFS
UWM Campus Mileage Tables
     use: UW Cities Mileage Table
Weather/Closing Information, Spaights Webcam, Cancellation Notifications

UWM Dept. of Human Resources
UWM Faculty & Staff information

UW System:

CUWL Committee Reports from February 24th 2014 meeting.font>
UW System Administration Policies

Information on Adobe Reader

If you are in the Libraries, please contact Library Systems at libauto@uwm.edu.
If you are on Campus but not in the Libraries, please contact your System Administrator or UITS help at help@uwm.edu.
If you are off campus and at a computer that you do not own or control, please contact the System Administrator for the system you are on or the person owning the computer.
If you are off campus and are using your own computer, please download Adobe Reader from the Adobe web page.