Because UWM has a growing student parent population, the Life Impact Program provides limited support to ALL incoming and current UWM student parents that are not current program participants. Services we provide to non-participants include,

  • Assistance to parents in the community that are interested in applying to UWM, for the FAFSA or the Life Impact Program itself.
  • Information sharing regarding other student parent resources on campus.
  • Access to our 211 on-line data base for those struggling to identify family resources in our community.
  • A copy of the UWM Student Parent handbook, which provides information on community agencies and campus departments that assist student parents.
  • The email, which provides email notifications regarding student parent events on- and off-campus, as well as information on the Life Impact application process.
  • The Life Impact website, which has information on the Student Parent Association at UWM, as well as the national student parent advocate's association. Additionally, the student parent calendar of events is also updated regularly.
  • Student Parent Stories and the UWM Student Parent newsletters will also be provided and available to all student parents via our website in the future.
  • Contact Information
    Natalie Reinbold
    Life Coach / Program Coordinator
    Life Impact Program
    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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