Participant Requirements

Statement of Philosophy

The Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation Life Impact Program has been established to assist disadvantaged students with children in achieving their academic goals at UW-Milwaukee. The program provides extensive services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of its participants. All participants are assessed by program staff on a regular basis and provided personal support, along with resources and referrals, for which the participant is expected to follow-through on.

Program activities are developed to provide participants with the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and academically. The activities are meant to increase the participants' chances to complete their undergraduate degree at UWM and either find family-sustaining employment after graduation or pursue an advanced degree. The Life Impact Programs' success depends, in part, on the participants' commitment to these efforts as well as the goals of the program, which are:

  • To help break the cycle of poverty among low-income students with children, by providing access to, ensuring retention at, and graduation from UWM.
  • To remove financial barriers and reduce education debt load from graduating low-income students with children, thus empowering them to achieve economic independence for themselves and their families; and
  • To help foster both dialogue and action among traditional and public policy leaders to improve the overall academic, economic and social success of low-income students with children.

To fully implement the intentions of the program as stated above, participants must be committed to this philosophy and be open and willing to program staff involvement, support and recommendations. Participants must be willing contributors in this process and be dedicated to their overall success. It is imperative that participants understand that the Life Impact Program is more than just a scholarship. Life Impact is a program that requires commitment, responsibility and collaboration. Life Impact also represents an opportunity for participants to develop a support network of other student parents and to become part of the growing student parent community at UWM.

Please carefully read the attached Acceptance Form which lists all program requirements. Signing the Acceptance Form indicates you understand this Statement of Philosophy and agree to participate in the stated program requirements. If you are unclear about any information provided, please contact the Life Coach / Coordinator for clarification.

Program Requirements

1:1 meetings:

  • 2008-2009 Pre-Semester Planning Appointment (fall and spring, 1 hour)
  • 2008-2009 Tutor Peer Advisor Appointment (fall and spring, 45 minutes)
  • 2008-2009 Mid-Semester Review Appointment (fall and spring, 1 hour)
  • 2009-2010 Renewal Appointment, if you plan to continue (spring, 1 hour
  • Phone and email Check-ins, as needed throughout the academic calendar
  • Life Impact Program On-line and Phone Surveys (1 hour)

Group Activities:

  • The 2008-2009 Life Impact Program Welcome Orientation and Luncheon (6 hours)
  • Financial Aid Workshop (2 hours)
  • Career Development Activity (length of time based on participant needs)
  • Life Impact Program Fall Workshop (3 hours)
  • Life Impact Program Spring Workshop (3 hours)
  • Life Impact Program Focus Group (1.5 hours)

Other program requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Individualized assessment of my needs as a student
  • Targeted counseling, tutoring, mentoring and advising
  • Cohort parent meetings
  • Workshops, seminars, conferences or other professional development opportunities
  • Referrals to appropriate community and university resources
  • Individualized Career counseling and related services
  • Career-related course(s)
  • Other activities and services as deemed beneficial

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