Why Join?llc round


The first meal in the cafeteria, the first day of classes, the first paper, and the first final, can be a challenge. Special events throughout the year help you adjust to UWM while making lifelong friends who share the same interests and ambitions.

Experienced Students

Each LLC has a specially selected and trained student staff member trained and assigned to it: a Resident Assistant and a Student Success Center Mentor. These experienced students serves as resources for you.

The RA
  • lives on the same floor as the LLC students
  • can help you with all the questions about living in the residence halls
  • designs programs and field trips around the interests of the LLC
The Mentor
  • helps connect you to campus and all the resources available to you
  • provides academic support

Both the RA and the Mentor work closely with the instructor of your LLC course(s) to provide a team-oriented approach to enhance student success.


Being part of an LLC allows you to feel more comfortable building relationships and maintaining contact with your instructors. You'll have a built-in group to study with, and the ability to get involved with campus leadership opportunities while achieving a higher grade point average.