Honors House 2: The Second Year Experience 

Sandburg Hall


Enrollment: Must be admitted to the Honors College to enroll in Honors House 2: The Second Year Experience. 


Great Choice For You If: Honors2

  • You're a second year Honors student, no matter your major
  • You want to make friends with fun and smart students
  • You want to participate in activities that help you learn
  • You want to be an active part of the UWM community


To participate in Honors College activities; foster friendship and support among Honors College students, faculty, and advisors; introduce students to critical and creative thinking and writing; and enable students to thrive within the Honors College. 

Picture Yourself...

  • Going to museums and cultural events
  • Having Honors-led special sessions
  • Developing academic strengths
  • Building life-long friendships with like-minded students
  • Being part of a caring, fun community 

Required Courses:

  • English 102 or Honors 200 (depending on a student's English Placement score)

In Their Own Words: Honors

Hannah Rarick, LLC Resident Assistant 

"My freshman year I came to UWM not knowing anyone or anything about Milwaukee. I decided to join the Honors LLC because I wanted to be around people with a desire to learn, who wanted to become leaders and have fun. Three years later, I am still "in" the Honors LLC now as the RA, and I can say that the days and nights spent, the experiences gained, the people met, and the fun I have had has helped make college both exciting and rewarding." 

Charles Schuster, Honors College Director 

"Students in the LLC become immediately engaged with each other and with the university. They form strong friendships, form study groups, and support each other academically and socially. Many of them become leaders that make a real difference not only for the Honors College, but for all students at UWM. The Honors LLC is one of many benefits we can offer higjh-achieving students who are serious about their studies and wanting to be part of a smart, fun, and giving community." 

Course/Program Contact: 

Shannon Byrne-Irwin
(414) 229-3023