L2F2: Languages, Literature, Film and Food (A member of the Global Village)

Cambridge Commons

Enrollment: Open to any student enrolled in any foreign language course (including the two courses listed below).

Great Choice for You If: Global5

  • You are interested in learning a foreign language.
  • You love experiencing other cultures.
  • You love Food Network, and want to have similar experiences at UWM.


The mission of this LLC is: to give language students the opportunity to explore the world through the most fundamental act of coming together over food. To deepen appreciation for other cultures by studying the place of food in languages, literature and food.

Picture yourself...

  • Preparing and serving meals at St. Ben's Shelter.
  • Attending language-learning workshops.
  • Exploring food through film and literature.
  • Watching cooking presentations in the community lounges (which include full kitchens) of Cambridge Commons Residence Hall

Required Courses:

  • French 145: Learning French Culture Through Cuisine (3 credits)
  • Italian 256: Introduction to Italian Food Studies (3 credits)

In Their Own Words: Global6

Larry Kuiper, LLC Instructor:

“As a language professor and food fanatic, communicating about food is something that comes naturally to me and combines my two great loves.”


Course/Program Contact:

Anita Alkhas
(414) 229-4382

Simonetta Milli-Konewko

(414) 229-4382


Last Updated: 11/25/13