The Faculty Development Lab
(Curtin B20N) Open hours:
10:00am - 2:00pm




In the LRC's singleness of purpose, it is for the facilitation of learning and teaching for the students and instructors of UW-Milwaukee's language programs.

Aside from the dozens of instructors and thousands of students that grace our hallways in the basement of Curtin Hall each year, the permanent residents of the LRC are:


Mingyu Sun, PhD

I received my Ph.D. degree in Linguistics and MS degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University. Before joining UWM in July 2008, I was a technology specialist at the Language and Cultural Learning Center at University of Illinois - Chicago.

My main professional interest is to use instructional technology to assist language instruction (e.g. blended/online course curriculum redesign, CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning), and media library development).

My academic interest is in natural language processing, question answering systems, intelligent user interface and data mining. My current work involves building intelligent user interface for collecting data for Less Commonly Taught Languages.

Office Manager

Emily Kort

I received a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota and my work experience includes education and nonprofit development. I have a lifelong interest in language and literature.

Media Technician

Larry Linvik

I have been an electronics and A/V Technician here at UWM for over 25 years. I'm in charge of the LRC recording facility, audiovisual equipment and the computer-based language learning labs.

Instructional Technologist

John Bowden

I received my BS degree in Computer Science from UWM's very own College of Engineering and Applied Science. My main professional interest is computing, digital media and web-based application production and design, as they relate to and support the pedagogy of UWM's language programs.

My primary languages of interest are: English, Japanese, German, Latin, C++, H.264, Techie and Carnie Lingo, and next, Sanskrit.

Current and Previous Graduate Assistants

Evan David Bostelmann, Jody Forbeck, Islam Hindi

Vivian Chang, Leticia de la Pza, Greicy Katerine Martinez Cruz, Maria del Pilar Fernandez Pedraza,Maria liya Mar,Kristi Weisenburger,Timothy MacKenzie, Joshua Hren, Laurel A Scheokeoske,Shawna Rambur,Yingfei Chen, James Albrecht, Jeanette S. Brickner,Timothy Walsh,Zafer Lababidi, Tim Miller, Katherine Wilson, Jamie Graczyk, Krill Menaker

Student Lab Assistants

Peter, Samantha, Hanna, Charlie, Jill, Johnny, Joel, Chris, Alex, Allie, Lucas,and Sam