Faculty Development Lab

The purpose of the LRC Faculty Development Lab is to:

  • Provide access to Audiovisual and Multimedia technology assets of the LRC
    • Mac Pro video-production workstation running Final Cut Studio Pro
    • iMac audio-capture/edit environment with mBox Pro hardware and SoundTools Pro software suite
    • PC based Adobe CS3 Omnimedia Workstation (audio/video/multimedia/web/graphics/electronic publishing)
  • Offer open hour consultation for language faculty/instructors on various issues
  • Help faculty in developing teaching material
  • Assist faculty research and media production projects
  • Provide consultation upon, and testing of: language software, AV equipment purchase, multilingual email client setup, etc.
  • Research funding opportunities
  • Access to Success program funded project
    • Wimba project: Wimba training workshop, Wimba activity creation, Wimba research presentations, Wimba Login
    • Wimba training handout 1 (contact mingyu@uwm.edu for web access to the handout)
    • Wimba training handout 2 (contact mingyu@uwm.edu for web access to the handout)
    • Skype project: MWALLT2008 presentation "Evaluating Video Conferencing Systems"
    • Language course redesign