Gerhard Rauscher German Culture Collection Project at LRC

Professor Gerhard Rauscher, former chair of the German Department, and a leader of Milwaukee's German Community, passed away on January 14th, 2006. During his long career at UWM, Gerhard accumulated an enormous collection of German Culture materials, and vigorously integrated them into the curriculum of his courses. With the assistance of the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Language Resource Center and the Foreign Languages and Literature department have undertaken a major project to digitally capture, document, translate and prepare these materials for use by the next generation of language and culture students at UWM.

  • Number of slide series documented: 275
  • Number of slides scanned (thus far): 4151
  • Disk space used for slide images: 94.4 gigabytes
  • Binders of metadata documented:16 (in hand) + 4 (missing) = 20!!
  • Amount of metadata scanned: 51 series
  • Amount metadata OCR'd: 9 series
  • Antique German LP record albums: approx 70
  • Volumes of German Art History: approx 50

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Gerhard Rauscher German Culture Collection Slide E1:54 after correction Rauscher Collection Slide Metadata Binders!
Slide E1:54 as scanned originally! Slide E1:54 after correction