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    • Janet Wilgus
      M.S., Curriculum & Instruction

      Janet traces her interest in ESL to her service in the Peace Corps in Niger where she tutored a local government official in a rural village while working as a public health educator. Subsequently, she taught ESL grammar and writing at the University of Oran in Algeria. For many years Janet served overseas, primarily in Africa, as a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State. While in Morocco, Algeria and Sudan, Janet was responsible for intensive English programs that offered evening classes for adult learners of English. Later, as head of the Office of English Language Programs Office in Washington, D.C., Janet promoted English language programs worldwide, including teacher training programs.

      Interests: Providing the best possible language instruction to help all ESL students reach their goals.
    • Kevin Beisser
      Assistant Director for Student Services
      B.A. Intercultural Communication

      Experience: Kevin has worked at UWM in the IEP for over 10 years. His second language is Spanish and he has traveled extensively throughout Latin America including living for short periods of time in both Venezuela and Colombia. He has also traveled to Korea.
      Interests: International education organizations; spending time with his wife and two sons as well as being a sports enthusiast.

    • Christina Carroll
      University Services Associate
      B.A. International Relations

      Interests: Traveling (23 countries, including Russia and China, and 42 of the 50 states), reading, foreign languages, international history and politics, gardening and serving on various boards of Slovenian ethnic organizations in the Milwaukee community.

    • Nancy Barbieri
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English Language & Linguistics

      Nancy has taught various levels of college composition as well as English language classes. She has worked in teacher training abroad and has taught ESL in both business and academic settings. Nancy served as Director of ESL Programs from 2004 to June 2007.

      Interests: Bicycling, gardening, attending the theater, and traveling to new, as well as old, places.
    • Valerie Chamberlain
      Senior Lecturer
      M.S., ESL/Foreign Language Education

      Valerie has taught ESL at UWM since 1993 and previously taught EFL in Tokyo, Japan and French in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

      Interests: Helping ESL students get involved in community activities, such as volunteering for Milwaukee's famous summertime festivals. As a friend of the earth, Valerie is an avid bicyclist who bikes for both transportation and pleasure. She also enjoys swimming, reading, gardening and going to musical and theatrical performances.

    • Rosemarie Feiza-Lenz
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English As A Second Language

      Rosemarie has lived, studied and worked overseas for a total of five years, with extended stays in Austria and Indonesia.

      Interests: Creating high-interest, meaningful and engaging student activities, finding ways to nurture confident writers, integrating technology into learning, nature outings, cross-country skiing, foreign languages, art projects, Special Olympics and Brewers baseball.

    • Pat Goldstein
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English Language & Linguistics

      Pat has been enjoying teaching English as a Second Language at UWM for many years. She frequently coordinates groups of students from Europe and Asia who come to study English at UWM. She enjoys teaching at all levels in the program and thinks meeting students from all the countries in the world is exciting.

      Interests: Besides teaching English, Pat enjoys traveling, politics, soccer, theater, and all kinds of music. She still goes to rock concerts!
    • Kendra Heidkamp-Young
      Associate Lecturer
      M.A., Reading

    • Catherine Kaye
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., Linguistics/TESOL

      Cathy has been enjoying teaching English as a Second Language for many years. She has a special interest in teaching writing, but she also enjoys teaching all skill areas and levels for English as a Second Language. Cathy coordinates the ESL Writing Courses for credit. Cathy's second language is Spanish and she has lived and studied in Spain and Mexico.

      Interests: Singing, reading, writing, exercising, watching movies, listening to music, hiking in the woods and relaxing with friends and family.
    • Carol Lord
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English Language & Linguistics

    • Katherine Riebe
      M.A., Teaching English As A Foreign Language/Intercultural Studies

      In addition to three post-secondary institutions in Milwaukee, Katherine has also taught English in Kuwait, Texas and for a short time in Bandung, Indonesia.

      Interests: Being bicultural and a third culture kid, she enjoys meeting people from different cultures and learning about their experiences. Katherine can speak Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin English and is currently trying to learn German. She likes to read, travel, listen to music, enjoy nature and hang out with family and friends.
    • Jennifer Mattson
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English Language & Linquistics

      Jennifer has taught many Linguistics and Sociolinguistics courses to UWM students, as well as all levels of English as a Second Language courses to international students. She coordinates the Conversation Partner program, which matches ESL students with Americans to practice conversation.

      Interests: Singing, kissing her grandson, reading, power-walking, biking, reading, writing, camping and socializing. She rides on the back of her husband's motorcycle even though she is afraid.
    • Rita Rutkowski Weber
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A.T., English As A Second Language/Spanish

      Rita has been in the field of teaching and learning languages for many years. After receiving her M.A.T., with a sense of enthusiasm and adventure, she then began a period of many years living and teaching abroad in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia and China. Over the years, she has worked both as a teacher and administrator in the ESL program at UWM, teaching students and training ESL teachers, developing intensive program curricula, and doing cross-cultural training. She has served as president of the state professional ESL teacher's organization and has been a presenter several times at state, regional and national professional conferences. She jointly edited Second Language Acquisition Theory and Pedagogy.

      Interests: Outside of the classroom, she can most often be found working in her garden, watching some sporting event with her family, or training with her dog, Wally.
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    • Mark Sondrol
      Senior Lecturer
      M.A., English Language & Linguistics

      Mark lived abroad for a number of years in England, France and Germany, and was a visiting professor at a major Korean university.

      Interests: Reading, traveling, cooking, doing things with his family—and of course teaching ESL, which he has been doing for many years.
    • Amy Shields
      Senior Lecturer
      M.S./M.A., English As A Second Language/Linguistics

      Amy has been teaching at UWM since 1999. Before settling at UWM, she taught at Marquette University, UW-Parkside, and Pohang University of Science and Technology in Pohang, South Korea. She has taught a variety of courses through the years. She started out teaching mainly in the Intensive English Program but quickly expanded to also teaching in the English department. There, she has taught various levels of general composition for ESL and native speakers. She also has taught Business Writing for business majors. She is an active member of ESL and Business Communication organizations. She was secretary of WITESOL (an ESL teachers' organization) for three years. Amy presented as a panel member at the Association of Business Communication 2009 annual conference.
    • Peter Lee
      Senior Lecturer Emeritus
      M.S./M.A., English As A Second Language/Linguistics

      Peter Lee retired as a Senior Lecturer in the Intensive English Program in 2005. During his 27 years working in the program he served as Senior Lecturer and Director (1989-92) and Assistant to the Director (1998-2005). Besides teaching, his interests were in the development of the Focal Skills Approach, particularly placement testing. He was a member of both the state and international ESL teacher organizations and gave presentations at their conferences, often on computer-related topics. Peter began his career in English as a Second Language in the Peace Corps in Thailand in 1965. He later taught in Taiwan (1968-70) and northeast China (1980-82).

      Interests: Traveling, making music, and riding his recumbent bike as much as possible.
    • James Mayhew
      Senior Lecturer Emeritus
      M.A., Teaching English As A Second Language
      Ph.D., International Postsecondary Education

      Jim enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language at UWM for seventeen years beginning in 1990. He taught in the Intensive English Program, the credit-writing program, and the program for international teaching assistants until his retirement in 2007. In addition, he published a monthly newspaper focusing on current topics in science and technology for ESL and EFL students for three years. He participated actively in both the state and international professional organizations for ESL teachers, including frequent presentations with colleagues at professional conferences.
      In addition to living and working in several states, including Missouri, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Colorado, he has lived and worked for short periods of time in Peru, Portugal, Slovakia, and Japan. After retirement from UWM, he continued to study language through two years of university-level coursework in Spanish in Madison. As a research focus, he continues to be fascinated by the complex interactions of educational institutions with processes of social change in an international context.

      Interests: Outside the classroom, Jim enjoys continuing to study science, reading, writing captions for cartoons, and helping to raise his two granddaughters.