A/V Recording Facility (Curtin Hall B20)

LRC B20C Video Production Studio:


Thanks to an EdTech Grant (2010-2011), the LRC is bringing a newly equipped (and soon to be remodelled) Student Video Lab for assisting students in shooting, editing and sharing their language and culture course video presentations
The main components of the video recording studio are 1 Sony HDR-XR550 HD Video Camera, 1 Rode shotgun microphone mounted to the camera, video shoots is fed into a Dell OptiPlex 980 computer with full Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection (CS5) media editing software for editing and special effects.

Other video, graphic and audio sources from a variety of devices, media and programs can be combined together into awesome class projects!

LRC B20K Audio Recording Studio:

Interview Table with microphones Interview Table with microphones Digital Recording/Editing Station Recording Studio Layout

The audio recording studio provides a convenient place for individuals and small groups to record audio to facilitate foreign language instruction. The studio is useful for developing audio materials for both online and in-class courses. Audio materials that instructors can create include audio quizzes/exams, podcasts and listening drills. Interviews and/or conversations conducted by students can also be recorded for evaluation by instructors.
The main components of the audio recording studio are 4 Audio-Technica AT2020 microphones, 1 Audio-Technica AT4040 microphone mounted to a microphone desk arm, and a Samson MDR6 mixer. The output from the mixer is fed into a Dell OptiPlex 960 computer.
Other electronic devices such as iPods, digital voice recorders, or laptops can be connected to the mixer to provide additional audio input to the “mix”.
Below are two samples of audio files created in the audio recording studio.

Sample 1:is from a CD created as a companion to a workbook for learning Chinese.

Sample 2:is a “karaoke” song created by two ESL students.

LRC Simultaneous Recording Lab

The LRC Recording Facility has a simultaneous streaming/recording lab for listening/speaking testing and real-time language interpretation practice and recording. The streaming/recording lab has 12 stations total.

We also have a dedicated audio-recording studio, a video-recording studio (under construction) and our Faculty Development Lab for capturing/editing audio for curricular materials

Some of the capabilities of the LRC Recording Facility are:

  • Media duplication: Audiocassette, videocassette, CD/DVD duplication;
  • Media conversion:  VHS/DVD conversion (PAL to NTSC)
  • Media digitization: Audio/Video cassette digitized to any media format, transfer to CD/DVD
  • Recording service: campus cable, classes (VHS or digital), live audio to cassette tape, live audio to CD, live video to DVD, streaming audio to CD, streaming video to DVD, transfer LP to CD, transfer slides to CD
  • Administer audio listening tests;
  • Administer audio recording tests;
  • Document scanning;
  • Special equipment setup