UW-Milwaukee Laboratory for Surface Studies

The Laboratory for Surface Studies (LSS) is an interdisciplinary research center at UWM comprised of faculty and students from chemistry, physics, and engineering, united by the desire to understand the structural, chemical, electronic, and magnetic properties of materials at the nanoscale. Started in the mid-1960s and designated a University of Wisconsin Center of Excellence, LSS remains a leading and vibrant part of the UWM research environment. The experimental and theoretical research activities today span a broad range of topics, from traditional problems in surface science, to current areas of interest such as biophysics, nanotechnology, tribiology, catalysis, and materials science at the atomic scale.

The strength of LSS lies in the close collaborations among LSS members that bring together experimentalists and theorists with complementary expertise, and the sharing of resources. Experiments are conducted both here at UWM and at user facilities elsewhere. In addition, many members of LSS have collaborations with other researchers at UWM and throughout the world.