LTC Contact Information

Location: Golda Meir Library E175 & E177
Phone: 414.229.4319
Email: LTC@uwm.edu

Google Talk: UWMLTC

LTC Staff



Tanya Joosten, Interim Director, @tjoosten

LTC Projects: Promoting excellence at UWM by developing strategies for innovative pedagogies and programs, such as MOOCs and flexible degree programs.  Leading and supporting members of the LTC in sharing their knowledge and experience through researching, piloting and evaluating new and emerging technologies intended to facilitate innovative teaching and learning methods within the UWM teaching community and disseminate this research at national and international conferences and in publications. Ensuring quality of teaching through the LTC faculty development programs for designing and teaching blended and online courses, training and support of Desire2Learn, evaluation of blended and online courses, and award and recognition of teaching excellence. 
Courses Taught: Organizational Communication, Communication Technology, Human Communication, Technological Implementation, Communication Technology in Everyday Life, Public Speaking, Conflict & Negotiation, Organizational Change, and Social Media
Research Interests: Communication technology and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Second Life), technological implementation and evaluation, blended and online pedagogy.
Highlighted Conference Presentations & Publications:

Joosten, T. M., Barth, D., Weber, N. A., & Harness, L. (2013). Impact of blended instructional development and training on course effectiveness. In A. G. Picciano, C. D. Dziuban, & C. R. Graham (Eds.), Research perspectives in blended learning. Taylor and Francis.

Joosten, T. (2012). Social media for educators. San Francisco, CA: Wiley/Jossey-Bass.

Joosten, T. (2013, February 17th). Transforming higher education: Using social media to ignite students. Keynote. To be presented at eLearning 2013 in San Antonio, TX. Retrieved from: http://www.itcnetwork.org/elearning-conference/general-session-speakers.html.

Joosten, T. (2011, June 8th).  Social media for teaching and learning. Keynote.  Presented at eLearning Asia in Singapore.

Joosten, T., and Mangrich, A. (2009, March 13th -14th). Blended learning. Presented at the First International Conference of E- Learning and Distance Learning, eLi 2009. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Education: B.A., Communication: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. M.A., Communication: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Graduate Certificate, Mediation & Negotiation: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. PhD. Candidate, Interdisciplinary, Communication, Management & Public Administration: Arizona State University. 
Personal Websites:
tanyajoosten.com, professorjoosten.blogspot.com

Stop by E175 and meet with one of our Learning Technology Consultants:


 Dylan Profile Dylan Barth, @DylanBarth

LTC Projects: Coordinates UWM's Faculty Development Program for Online and Blended Teaching, UWM's Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching, and UWM's Online and Blended Teaching Users Group (OBTUG), Online Programs Coordinator, D2L Site Administrator
Research Interests: Online and blended pedagogy and course design, Web 2.0 tools, online programming, emerging technology, gamification.
Courses Taught: Intro to College Writing (blended), College Writing & Research (blended)
Highlighted Conference Presentations & Publications:

Joosten, T. M., Barth, D., Weber, N. A., Harness, L. (2013). Impact of blended instructional development and training on course effectiveness. In A. G. Picciano, C. D. Dziuban, & C. R. Graham (Eds.), Research perspectives in blended learning. Taylor and Francis.

Barth, D., Niemec, M., & Pedrick, L. (2012, October). Moving online education from fringe to core: Effective practices for campus leaders. Pre-Conference Workshop: 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning. Orlando, FL.

Joosten, T., and Barth, D. (2012, August). Exploring mobile technologies to improve student learning. 28th Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference. Madison, WI.

Barth, D., and McCarragher, S. (2012, July). Building community: A conversation. Desire2Learn Users Conference. San Diego, CA.

Grants: Next Generation Learning Challenge Grants: "Bringing the Success of U-Pace to Scale" & "A Socially Centric Blended Learning Model for At-Risk Youths at an Urban University"
Education: B.A., English: Illinois State University. M.A., English: Illinois State University. A.B.D., English: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

bergtrom Gerry Bergtrom, @Bergtrom

LTC Projects: Coordination of eText Pilot Studies, Development/revision of illustrated online Clicker tutorials, Development/revision of illustrated online D2L Quizzing tutorials, Development/revision of illustrated Camtasia Studio tutorials.
Research Interests: Clickers and other pedagogies that engage students with science and with each other, as well as evaluation methods for online and blended courses. Impact of teaching technology on student learning. Evolution of globin genes and proteins.
Courses Taught: Foundations of Biological Sciences I, Cell & Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Lab Techniques in Molecular Biology, Teaching with Technology.
Highlighted Conference Presentations & Publications:

Russell, M. R., & Bergtrom, G. (2012, November). Building communities of learning via blended course redesign. Workshop presentation at the 10th International Conference on Interactive Computer-Aided Blended Learning. Guatemala City & La Antigua, Guatemala.

Bergtrom, G. (2011). Content vs. learning: An old dichotomy in science courses. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 15, 33-44.

Bergtrom, G. (2009). On offering a blended cell biology course. Journal of Research Centered Education Technology, 5. Available at http://www.rcetj.org/?type=art&id=91609&

Education: B.S., Biology: City College of New York. Ph.D. Biology: Brandeis University.


7bfa1debceb25c5e9647e6602d0f05a8 Andrew Cole, @AndrewWCole

LTC Projects:
Research, Website, Development of D2L instructional videos & online workshops.
Research Interests: Communication technologies, computer-mediated-communication, pedagogical use of social networking, communication theory, rhetoric of science and technology.
Courses Taught: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution.
Highlighted Conference Papers & Publications:
Cole, A. (2012). [Review of the book Emotional intensity in gifted students: Helping kids cope with explosive feelings, by C. Fonseca]. Mensa Research Journal, 43(2), 80-81.
Education: B.A., Speech Communication: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. M.A., Communication: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Graduate Certificate, Rhetorical Leadership: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

harness Lindsey Harness, @LindseyHarness

LTC Projects
Project manager of Educause-I2 eText Pilot, assist with campus support for student response systems (clickers), develop & facilitate faculty/staff professional development workshops (D2L Just the Basics & Social Media), qualitative data analysis for research projects (Social Media & Online/Blended Teaching), coordinator/researcher for LTC and UWM active learning spaces development/pedagogy, development of student & faculty support documents (eText, Clickers, D2L Binder)
Research Interests: Social media (particular YouTube), enhancing traditional lecture and discussion with technology, LGBT studies, the rhetoric of mythic narratives online, interdependence of identity construction and technology.
Recent Publications
Joosten, T. M., Barth, D., Weber, N. A., & Harness, L. (2013). Impact of blended instructional development and training on course effectiveness. In A. G. Picciano, C. D. Dziuban, & C. R. Graham (Eds.), Research perspectives in blended learning. Taylor and Francis.


Joosten, T., Pasquini, L., Harness, L. (2013).  Guiding social media at our insitutions.  Planning for Higher Education.  

Harness, L. (2011). Book Review: Felicia Wu Song. Virtual Communities: Bowling Along, Online Together. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 97.
Courses Taught:

Human Conflict and Interaction, Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace, Critical Analysis of Communication, Theory and Practice of Argumentation and Debate, Public Speaking.

Education: B.S., Organizational Communication Studies: Missouri State University. M.A., Communication Studies: Missouri State University. Graduate Certificate, Rhetorical Leadership: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A.B.D., Communication: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Amy Amy Mangrich, @Amy_Mangrich

LTC Projects: Coordinator of a pilot program examining the effective use of synchronous tools (specifically Elluminate) in online and blended courses. Amy also recently received a grant to study the impact of digital storytelling and ePortfolio on student performance.
Research Interests: Rich media creation (audio, video, and narrated PowerPoint presentations), synchronous tools for online, real-time interaction, and the pedagogy of online and blended courses.
Courses Taught: This Sucks…:Controversies in Public Art, Visual Art Workshop: Public Art/Public Space, Digital Arts: Culture, Theory, Practice, Visual Art Workshop: Site and the Public Space.
Highlighted Conference Presentations:

Mangrich, A. (2012, July). “What I learned in class”: Using Desire2Learn ePortfolio and Student-Created Video to Promote Reflective Thinking. 9th Annual Desire2Learn Users’ Conference. San Diego, CA.

Mangrich, A. (2012, May). Blended teaching and learning: Two course examples. Preparing to Teach Blended Courses Workshop, Maryland Institute College of Art. Baltimore, MD.

Mangrich, A. (2012, February). Using digital reflections to achieve essential learning outcomes. EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2012 Annual Meeting/Conference. Austin, TX.

Mangrich, A. (2011, October). “Tell me a story”: Using digital reflections to achieve essential learning outcomes. 2011 International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Annual Conference: Transforming the Academy through the Theory and Practice of SoTL. Milwaukee, WI.
Education: B.F.A., Visual Art: Clarke College. M.A., Visual Art: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. M.F.A., Visual Art – inter-media emphasis: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Bara Bara Omari,@BeeOmari

LTC Projects:
D2L Site Administrator, manage LTC social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr), assist in the development of online help tutorials, and conduct research in current trends in social media in higher education and the instructional use of technology.
Research Interests: Communication technology, computer-mediated-communication, social networking, computer-assisted language learning.
Courses Taught: Power of Words.
Education: B.A., Foreign Languages & Linguistics, French: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. M.A., Linguistics: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Graduate Certificate: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

russell Matthew Russell, @russellmaro

LTC Projects: Serve as D2L Site Admin II, lead ePortfolio faculty development and support on campus, lead on ePortfolio pilot project, coordinate Digital Futures Unconference events, lead coordinator of Sloan-C online workshops for blended/online course redesign, lead exploration of D2L Rubrics and Competencies, serve as LTC liaison for campus academic planning and assessment, serve as co-collaborator on Digital Storytelling, presenter and facilitator of online/blended faculty development program, present workshops and support faculty in the areas of Quizzing and Interactive Study Aids (StudyMate).
Research Interests: Instructional technologies that facilitate student engagement including electronic portfolios and digital storytelling.
Courses Taught: Experiencing Literature in the 21st Century, World Literature in Translation: Antiquity through the 1600s, Digital Literacies and Social Media, Teaching College Composition, Studies in the Novel: The Romantic Bildungsroman, Studies in Poetry: Craft and Function, Print & Web Design, Classics of World Literature.
Selected Recent Activities:

Russell, M. R. (Presenter and Workshop Facilitator) (2012, November). 10th International Conference on Interactive Computer-Aided Blended Learning. Guatemala City & La Antigua, Guatemala.

Russell, M. R. (Lead Organizer). (2012, June 22). ePortfolio Showcase and Symposium. University of Wisconsin System. Madison, WI. 

Russell, M. R. (Presenter and Workshop Facilitator). (2012, May/June). Blended Learning Workshop. Blackhawk Technical College. Janesville, WI.

Russell, M. (2009, November). Searching for an ePortfolio solution collaboratively. EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Denver, CO.

Education: B.S., International Economics/Comparative Literature: University of Wisconsin-Madison. M.A., Comparative Literature: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Texas at Austin.

nicole2 Nicole Weber, @NWebs

LTC Projects
Present LTC workshops (D2L: Just the Basics, Social Media for Teaching and Learning, & Developing Small Group Work in Online and Blended Courses), and assist with a variety of LTC programming (Sloan-C Blended Workshop Series, Online and Blended Teaching Program, OBTUG), special projects (D2L Learner Analytics), and research initiatives (Blended Learning, Social Media, UWM Online Data, Virtual Worlds).
Research Interests: Emerging technology, interaction and building community in the online classroom, online and blended pedagogy and course design.
Courses Taught: Research Methods for Education and Community Engagement, Community Problems, Methods of Social Welfare Research.
Highlighted Publications:

Joosten, T. M., Barth, D., Weber, N. A., & Harness, L. (2013). Impact of blended instructional development and training on course effectiveness. In A. G. Picciano, C. D. Dziuban, & C. R. Graham (Eds.), Research perspectives in blended learning. Taylor and Francis.

Weber, N., Conceição, S., & Baldor, M.J. (2011). Closing the gap: Using a series of social networking environments to collapse time and space by giving and receiving social support. Global Media Journal, 11 (19). Available at http://lass.calumet.purdue.edu/cca/gmj/fa11/gmj-fa11-article5.htm

Weber, N., Conceição, S., & Baldor, M.J. (2010). Social networking’s impact on virtual learning communities. In Proceedings of the National 26th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. (pp. 97-101). Madison, WI: The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.

Baldor, M.J., Weber, N. & Conceição, S. (2010). Social networking websites: Spaces for creating and maintaining social and cultural identity and much more. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2010 (pp. 3265-3273). Chesapeake, VA: AAACE.

Education: B.A., English Studies: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. M.S., Cultural Foundations of Education: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ph.D., Urban Education: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.